LAS VEGAS (KXNT) – The Clark County School Board (CCSD) of Trustees is slated to vote on whether or not to move forward with gender diverse policy recommendations Thursday. This vote comes after a special board meeting in January where trustee Carolyn Edwards motioned to vote on this issue and then withdrew her motion after realizing she didn’t have the necessary votes.

After repeated requests, President Deanna Wright has denied a change in venue to accommodate parents who would like to be par of this important process.

President of a group called Power2Power, Erin Phillips stated, “The public cares deeply about student safety and privacy and we are anticipating a large turnout on Thursday night. Because of Trustee Wright’s decision not to change the venue, I am certain there will be parents literally left out in the cold,” Phillips said.

SB225 was passed in the 2017 legislative session and amended NRS 318 to require schools in the state to provide a safe and respectful learning environment to include training concerning the needs of: (1) persons with diverse gender identities or expressions; and (2) pupils with disabilities and pupils with autism spectrum disorders.

“The Clark County School District continues to waste public dollars and time to expand a policy that the voters have clearly communicated they don’t want and is not required by law,” said Phillips.

State regulation language, subject to SB225, has not been approved by the Legislative Committee. Current Nevada anti-bullying laws, if enforced, are more than sufficient to maintain a safe and respectful learning environment and protect gender diverse students from bullying. CCSD is not required to have an expanded gender diverse policy, a point that was backed up by the districts own lawyers at the previous special board meeting.

In response to a CCSD survey regarding gender diverse policy. Power2Power in partnership with NFA (Nevada Family Alliance), ran a poll of more than 2,000 verified Clark County voters. The response was clear across demographics, more than 75% of voters believe CCSD has a transparency problem and a majority of voters do not believe CCSD should create an expanded policy.


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