LAS VEGAS (KXNT) – It’s time for new leadership at the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. That’s why Tim Bedwell is announcing his candidacy to be the next sheriff of Clark County.

Bedwell said Clark County deserves a service-oriented leader who values public safety as the top priority. One who believes transparency and cooperation are foundations of public service, and knows trust is earned via communication. Ted Bedwell is the leader poised to bring these traits to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) and make it, first and foremost, the guardian of people’s lives and rights.

Many local residents believe public safety decisions are too often made with little input from those most affected. People wish for a more open Police Department and want a voice in decision making. Tim Bedwell hears those voices and if elected Sheriff, will work openly with the community on our problems.

Challenging the status quo is never easy. Change requires knowledge and expertise, but must also apply cooperation, research, and commitment. “I’m asking the people of Clark County to join me in a new partnership built on trust and communication. Together we can seize the moment and forge a new, more open, more responsive, public safety culture at Metro,” said Bedwell.

The first step is to acknowledge the need for change. The current administration said everything is well in hand. Yet crime statistics show otherwise. Parts of the county feel neglected. People want answes from their Sheriff, but are frustrated. The need to engage the public as a partner, with openness and honesty, has taken a back seat. The Department must become more transparent to regain public trust.

LVMPD personnel deserve the highest level of support and the finest training, to make them as safe and efficient as possible. They must be treated fairly and receive consideration for the dangers of their jobs. Everyone in the Department deserves to be praised when they excel and held accountable when they falter. The public must know its police officers, from the top down, are held to the highest standard.

Tim Bedwell said he believes public safety is a cooperative effort. “Transparency with accountability,” said Bedwell, “makes communities safer by laying a foundation of trust. A service-based department does a better job keeping officers and the community safe, decreasing recidivism, and reducing expenses,” Bedwell said.

The time is now to rise about doubt and find the courage to do what’s right for Clark County. There is nothing more important than protecting our families and providing a future for our children. Tim Bedwell pledges, “As Sheriff, I will work tirelessly to protect you, your homes, your businesses, and our schools. I will be accessible and accountable to you, the people of Clark County. Together, we will create a safer more secure community,” he said.


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