CARSON CITY, NV (KXNT) – Governor Brian Sandoval recently signed a Statement of Emergency endorsing the need for emergency regulations related to the reporting of overdoses and suspected overdoses as required in Assembly Bill 474 (AB 474), the Controlled Substance Abuse Protection Act.

The bill was passed unanimously by the Legislature during the 2017 session and went into effect January 1, 2018. AB 474 requires the Board of Health to adopt regulations that require healthcare providers to report instances of overdose and suspected overdose. The emergency regulations provide the immediate structure of reporting of overdose and suspected overdose to the Department of Health and Human Services’ Chief Medical Officer. These emergency regulations will help ensure that providers understand and are fully aware of how to comply with the reporting requirement provisions in AB 474. The regulations provide a definition of overdose and patient discharge and the regulations require reporting within 7 days of patient discharge. The report must contain the name and contact information of the provider, information about the patient, the medical record number, the state of the suspected overdose, and the classification code related to the overdose. The Board of Health will continue the process of developing permanent regulations.

The new prescribing protocols in AB 474, including mandatory risk assessment and informed written consent for an opioid prescription, only apply to Schedule II-IV drugs prescribed for the treatment of pain. Drugs in Schedule V, such as non-narcotic, non-opioid and anti-seizure medications, are not subject to these new prescribing protocols.

“The prescribing protocols in AB474 went through months of vetting with subject matter experts, State occupational licensing boards, several physician groups, patients, and individual providers. Because so many stakeholders were part of this collaborative process, the bill pass unanimously through both houses of the Legislature,” said Governor Brian Sandoval. “Prescribers in Nevada need to be educated on what the prescribing protocols do, and more importantly what they do not do, and how to incorporate them in to their practices. These protocols preserve clinical decision making, prioritize patient safety and strengthen the relationship between the patient and the provider. Our state associations, and licensing boards will continue to work to support bringing providers into compliance with the law and work in an open and transparent manner throughout the regulatory process,” Governor Sandoval said.

“There is no delay in implementation and my office and the Department of Health and Human Services will continue to support our occupational licensing boards and association in their efforts to educate and train their constituencies on Assembly Bill 474,” concluded Governor Sandoval.

The Division of Public and Behavioral Health has provided a form for healthcare providers to use when submitting a report to the Chief Medical Officer. All reports should be faxed to 775-684-5999. To set up electronic reporting, contact Julia Peck at Dentist and hospice providers are not required to report.


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