CARSON CITY, NV (KXNT) – New research indicates a growing number of white Americans feel they are the victims of discrimination, and says the perception of bias grew rapidly after Barack Obama was elected president.

The number of white Americans who believe they are being discriminated against is rising. According to a recent poll, 55 percent of white Americans think they’re facing racial discrimination. Clara Wilkins, a psychology professor at Wesleyan University who studies prejudice, says this perception has grown rapidly since Barack Obama was elected president. Wilkins says a subset of white Americans saw this not as progress, but as upsetting the social order. But her research finds people who believe the county is “fair and just” also are more likely to now see discrimination against white people.

“For people who think society is fair, they’re the ones who sort of ten to think that the order of society where whites have greater access to wealth, power, status, etc.-that is legitimate and it’s fair and it’s not based in bias. And so, if you reject those beliefs, you think that it’s not fair, then those are the people who actually welcome social change,” Wilkins said.

As Wilkins pointed out, the reality is that vast inequalities in wealth and electoral representation still exist for racial minorities. And she sees the growing number of hate groups nationwide after Obama’s election as a real danger.

Observers note that the white supremacists who gathered in Charlottesville last summer seemed motivated by what they described as a sense of “injured entitlement.” Wilkins said she’s been able to measure similar feelings. In one study, participants either read an article on racial progress or one that had nothing to do with race. Those who read the article on racial progress were more likely to believe white people experience discrimination. And according to Wilkins, further research shows this group isn’t likely to stay on the sidelines.

“The problem is that for these people who really think that the order of society should be a particular way, what they experience by perceiving bias is that they should do something to re-establish that order,” Wilkins said.

Wilkins said demographic projections showing that white Americans will become the minority in the next few decades is contributing to the idea that white people are under attack. She says while fighting back against this perception is hard, the best way might be to downplay the idea of competition between different groups of people.

  1. Dear Japheth says:

    Assuming that it is true that “white Americans are being discriminated against” since the election of President Obama, is the suggestion being made that the election of a part African-American man is the reason? President Obama is also half white, has his whiteness also caused discrimination against African-Americans?

    Of course not, because discrimination against African-Americans and others have always existed. I believe what can be misconstrued as “discrimination” against whites is the global and national level of undeniable recent awareness of white bigotry, hatefulness, corruption, racism and slaughter of innocent African lives!

    I believe also that the soon pending judgments against the gentiles will appear to be social discrimination against whites, when in essence it will be the wrath clouds of Yahweh gathering for an outpour that no man or president can prevent.

    If repentance was made in the season allotted by Yahweh for repentance, then judgment would not be necessary; but sometimes judgment by a Judge is the only thing that will stop criminal (sinful) behavior.

    Prophetic Words About Japheth:

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