LAS VEGAS (KXNT) – The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s (LVMPD) nine area commands will begin the new year by devoting Tuesday night’s January 2 First Tuesday to creating awareness about Human Trafficking, an issue that is pervasive and often misunderstood.

With January being Human Trafficking Awareness month, the new year is the right time to began talking about the issue and educating citizens about what it is. Some narrow definitions describe human trafficking as transporting someone from one country to another for forced labor, slavery and/or sexual exploitation. But it has a much wider definition that that. Anyone who is coerced, controlled or defrauded into engaging in labor or sex acts can be a victim of human trafficking. Speakers will be at each of the area commands Tuesday night talking about some of the key factors to know about when it comes to this crime.

Most area commands will open their doors to the public on First Tuesday at 7 p.m. to discuss this and other issues affecting neighborhoods. Some times and locations will vary. Residents should check their local area command for more information.


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