LAS VEGAS (KXNT) – More people than ever are expected to travel during the year-end holiday season. AAA projects a record 107 million people are planning a trip more than 50 miles or more, with 97 million people expected to hit the road.

Drivers are getting an early Christmas present: Gas prices are dropping just in time for the busy travel season. Las Vegas drivers are paying about 4 cents less in December than they did in November, and drivers in Reno, are paying nearly 12 cents less for gas.

AAA surveyed Nevadans this month to determine local travel trends for the holiday. The results:

*Almost one third (30%) of Nevadans say they will travel between Saturday, December 23 and Monday, January 1.

*60% of respondents said they will stay within the state of Nevada, with the remaining 40% traveling out of state.

*Of those traveling, 82% will drive to their destination, 17% are flying, and 1% will be taking another form of transportation (public transit, cruise.)

*One quarter (25%) of respondents planned to travel solo, 409% will travel with one other person, and 35% planned to travel with family or friends.

*The vast majority (82%) of Nevadans say they’re traveling to visit family, while others said they are planning ski trips, camping or sight-seeing.

“Like Thanksgiving, most people traveling this month will be visiting family or friends, especially during the first part of the holiday,” said Michael Blasky, spokesman for AAA Nevada. “But after Christmas, many plan their New Year’s Eve trips to more warmer climates. And while the desert might be cold in Las Vegas this time of year, Sin City is always one of the hottest destinations for New Year’s Eve parties,” Blasky said.


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