CBS Local — Has NASA’s planet-hunting telescope found life on other worlds? The space agency has organized a highly secretive press conference to announce the “latest discovery” made by the Kepler space telescope.

NASA will be addressing the specifics of their discovery on Dec. 14, one that the space program says was made using a “learning machine” produced by Google. Officials added that the Google tech was being used by researchers as a new way of analyzing data coming back to Earth from Kepler.

NASA has kept the details of Kepler’s findings under wraps since calling for the press conference on Dec. 8; spurring many people to think the scientists may have stumbled onto a sign of alien life in the cosmos. If “little green men” do exist, a recent study says humans are more ready than ever to greet them.

An international study by research group Glocalities says that 61 percent of people believe there is life on other planets. Of those polled, 47 percent said they believe that advanced civilizations were inhabiting our universe and a majority of responders think humans should attempt to contact them.

The Kepler telescope was launched in March of 2009. Thanks to the deep space satellite, astronomers now believe there may be at least one planet orbiting every star in the sky.