CBS Local — Scared of needles? Can’t stand all the pinpricks from taking medication or diabetes tests? Startup company Portal Instruments has landed a major deal to bring their needle-free solution to market in a move that could change the way people take medicine forever.

The tech startup, which was created by MIT researchers in 2012, has reached a deal with Japanese pharmaceutical company Takeda to help develop the “PRIME” injector and bring it to the market. MIT says Portal will receive an undisclosed payment for their invention, with the potential to earn up to $100 million for reaching certain milestones in the product’s production.

“It’s an exciting opportunity to improve the lives of patients with Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis,” CEO Patrick Anquetil said in a press release.

According to Portal, PRIME uses a “single-use, disposable vessel, which has a tiny nozzle at its tip” that fires a pressurized spray to penetrate the skin, instead of piercing the skin with traditional needles. “Our main driver is to think of patient comfort at the system-level … and fundamentally change how physicians and patients interact,” Anquetil added.

Takeda plans to test out the non-invasive device with their medication Entyvio; a treatment for patients battling Crohn’s disease. Portal added that the startup plans to continue finding more pharmaceutical partners that will help turn PRIME into a “universal injection machine” for all types of medications.