LAS VEGAS (KXNT) – The trend continues upward; the release for Butterball One in 2016 identified we had just hit 50 pedestrian fatalities, which was 10 more than the 40 fatalities reported for the 2015 event.

Las Vegas metro area currently sits at 64 fatalities, with a little more than a month left in 2017. The 64 fatal pedestrian deaths are an all time high.

On Tuesday morning officers from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD), and Nevada Highway Patrol (NHP) were at Charleston Boulevard, east of Valley View Boulevard, watching for drivings not stopping for Butterball One’s right of way in the cross walk and for pedestrians crossing outside of intersections and marked mid-block cross walks.

By the way, Butterball One is a person dressed up in a turkey costume.

During this critical time of year, everyone needs to remember their safety education rules. When walking or biking, light yourself up to assure drivers see you; be predictable and cross or ride where you belong and where drivers should be looking for you. Pay full attention at all times, keep watching as you walk and bike. Never assume a driver will stop for you until they motion you to cross. Drivers need to slow down, pay full attention and actively look for those on foot and bike, they need to put away all distractions, especially their phones and they need to stop for walkers when they are crossing the street correctly, which is anywhere two streets cross each other and marked mid blocks.

No matter how you arrive, everyone also needs a safe way home, with someone who is not impaired. Pedestrians are at great risk navigating streets with impaired judgment, just like drivers.


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