LAS VEGAS (KXNT) – November 21, 2017, marks the 37th anniversary of the MGM Grand fire in Las Vegas. Started by an electrical ground fault, the fire claimed 85 lives, with more than 700 people injured including hotel guests, employees, and 14 firefighters. The MGM Grand was exempted from having a fire sprinkler system in the area where the fire started. Reports have noted that the cost at the time to have sprinklers in place would have been around $192,000.

The MGM fire event reformed fire safety guidelines and codes in Nevada, which included that all buildings at 55 feet and higher require fire sprinkler systems.

“Nevada’s current fire code is and should continue to be one of the most stringent in the nation,” said Nevada State Fire Marshal Bart Chambers. “Our goal is to work together with our partnering agencies and the casinos and hotels to ensure that the safety of Nevadans, visitors, and firefighters are not compromised if a fire event happens,” said Chambers.


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