LAS VEGAS (KXNT) – Rallies in Reno and Las Vegas declared that Nevadans are “still in” the Paris Climate Accord, despite President Trump’s decision to pull the United States out of the agreement. World leaders are meeting in Bonn, Germany, at the annual United Nations Conference on Climate Change, and communities around the U-S are re-affirming their commitment to fight global warming.

“There would be a lot of job growth that we would see in Nevada, and then it would help lower our exposure to pollutants as a result of increased climate change,” said Emily Woodall, with the Nevada Conservation League.

Woodall spoke at the Reno event about the Silver State’s potential to expand energy.

She also noted that Nevada is again seeing damaging wildfires, which are exacerbated by higher than average temperatures. Reno is the only city in Nevada so far to sign the “still in” pledge. Governors from 14 states have pledged to reduce carbon emissions enough to meet the accord’s goal of keeping the increase in global temperature under two degrees Celsius. Governor Brian Sandoval has not signed that pledge.

Woodall also called on Senator Dean Heller to oppose the president’s spending plan because it slashes environmental protection.

“He is going to be voting on the budget and there’s a lot of cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) within that proposal. That would be the main agency that would help regulate major polluters,” said Woodall.

President Trump’s administration sent a small delegation to the conference in Germany, but a private group of state and business leaders called the U-S Climate Alliance sponsored the largest pavilion at the event.


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