In September of 2007, a Clark County Jury convicted Scott Dozier of the 2002 murder and mutilation of 22-year-old Arizona resident Jeremiah Miller, whose torso was found in a suitcase.  He was given the death sentence. Legal appeals have kept Dozier on Death Row since then.

The 46-year-old Dozier requested all appeals be suspended and that his execution should be carried out as soon as possible.

Dozier’s federal public defenders have sought to ensure that his lethal injection is carried out humanely.  They made it clear that they were not seeking to postpone the execution.

Without a request from Dozier or his lawyers, the anti-death penalty ACLU of Nevada entered the fray and raised issues about the mix of drugs the state proposes for the lethal injection stating, “The state needs to make sure they’re not torturing inmates as they’re executing them.”

Nevertheless, Dozier exercised his right to request that the execution proceed without delay.

District Judge Jennifer Togliatti who denies the use of a paralytic drug called cisatracurium, and granted a stay of the execution until the Nevada Supreme Court reviews the lethal injection process.  The judge expressed concern that cisatracurium could mask signs of suffocation or other suffering if two other drugs were not administered properly.

So, Dozier is convicted for the heinous murder of Jeremiah Miller, given the death sentence, and was put on death row to await the carrying out of that sentence.

Appeals and other legal hurdles delayed the execution of that sentence.

Dozier exercised his right to stop any appeals process and stated his desire to allow justice to occur.  Liberals stepped in to stop his execution and, therefore, to thwart the legal process.  They claim that their objections are not because of their opposition to the death penalty, but rather their concern that Dozier not be subjected to an unnecessary “cruel and unusual” punishment practice.

By dangling Dozier on the “now you’re scheduled to die, now you’re not” string, they are doing exactly what they claim they oppose and are subjecting him to a continued state of “wait and see” which, in this case is a form of  “cruel and unusual punishment.”

This is not as much about Scott Dozier as it is about the blatant hypocrisy shown and exercised by the progressive left who claims it doesn’t want to put this convicted killer through any unnecessary discomfort. The continued dangling string is their form of “cruel and unusual punishment” and should serve to highlight their hypocrisy.


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