LAS VEGAS (KXNT) – A recent rental survey found that people who live in Las Vegas rate their overall life satisfaction at
the highest level.

Zumper recently released their Annual Renter Survey for 2017, which polled more than 14,000 people in the United States.

In terms of Las Vegas, 35 percent of respondents living there rated their city satisfaction at a 5/5. Only 5 percent of residents in Las Vegas rated their city satisfaction at 1/5.

To give some context, respondents in Minneapolis seemed to be the happiest with 61 percent of respondents rating their satisfaction at a 5. On the other end of the spectrum, Detroit (17%) and Baltimore (13%) respondents were the least happy, with the highest number of people to rate their city satisfaction at a 1.

Las Vegas had the highest number of respondents (29%) move there because they were looking for a more affordable cost of living. This was notable since Las Vegas was one of the few cities where another category outranked work-related reasons for why people moved there. 21 percent of Las Vegas respondents moved for work, followed by 18 percent moving for family related reasons.

Interestingly, Las Vegas ranked on the lower end of city natives still living there, only around 2 percent of respondents.

When looking for an apartment, the majority of respondents rated affordability as the most important factor. Las Vegas residents prioritized the following qualities when looking for a new place: affordability & neighborhood safety (76%), the commute (42%), home amenities (36%), food options (29%), proximity to friends and family (27%), public transportation (21%), employment opportunities & entertainment options (20%) and local and state taxes (8%).

Notably, neighborhood safety was prioritized especially high when compared to the rest of the cities, with respondents in Las Vegas prioritizing this category the 4th most.

Results were pulled from Zumper’s 2017 Annual Renter Survey for cities with a significant number of respondents based on supplied zip codes. Cities with low levels of responses were excluded to ensure data was representative.


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