LAS VEGAS (KXNT) – FirstMed Health and Wellness Center (FirstMed), a grant funded community based health center, announced it will offer victims of the shooting free medical, psychological and financial services.

With three locations in Las Vegas and a staff that includes more than 20 licensed therapists, five medical doctors, seven case managers and a psychiatrist, FirstMed said it’s well equipped to help meet the medical, emotional and financial needs of victims now and for months to come as they continue to heal. To receive help, victims should call FirstMed at 1-844-460-0003.

According to Angela Quinn, CEO, FirstMed Health and Wellness Center, FirstMed was the recipient of a 2017 Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) grant award in the amount of $3 million from the State of Nevada. These funds are now being re-directed to provide services to victims of the recent tragedy. To date, FirstMed has already treated more than 200 victims associated with the shooting.

“There’s almost nothing we can’t do to help victims,” Quinn said. “In addition to medical care, counseling and therapy, we’re able to provide qualified victims with financial assistance to help meet their immediate and short-term living needs by providing funds to pay their mortgage, rent, prescriptions, food and other essentials. For victims with families, in particular young children, we have a trauma-informed care model for children under our Nevada Center for Children and Youth (NCCY). Working with FirstMed and NCCY, we can wrap families in care with compassion, dignity and respect,” Quinn said.

“The scope of this tragic event has created thousands of victims, not just those who were injured or killed,” said Quinn. “Victims include those who attended the concert and witnessed first-hand the horrors of the shooting, first responders and citizen volunteers who became first responders, workers tasked with cleaning up the debris field and even those close to victims who are now living the trauma vicariously. The effects of the shooting are widespread. FirstMed is here for the long haul to help them heal,” Quinn said.

“FirstMed Health and Wellnes Centers will now be a first line of service for victims,” said Quinn. “FirstMed’s Office of Support and Services will work in tandem with the FirstMed clinics to ensure that all available FirstMed services and appropriate referral resources, including social services, are being used to help victims,” said Quinn.


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