LAS VEGAS (KXNT) – In an ongoing effort to make Halloween safer for the children in our area, the U.S. Marshals, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, and Henderson Police Department are doing “Operation Trick-or-Treat 2017,” which is a four day joint law enforcement operation in Clark County, to ensure sex offenders are in compliance with their sex offender registration requirements. This is the eleventh straight year the U.S. Marshals have spearheaded this important operation. This operation concluded with 219 compliance checks, and 3 out of State fugitive arrests for sex offenses.

This is not a one time operation, the U.S. Marshals, Metro and Henderson Police Department are doing this operation in a concerted effort to specifically make the streets as safe as possible for Halloween. However, throughout the entire year the U.S. Marshals, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, Henderson Police Department and Nevada Parole and Probation Division, aggressively pursue the arrest of sex offender fugitives and those out of compliance with their sex offender registration requirements.

Towards this important goal, in 2017, the U.S. Marshals and its locally run Task Force have teamed up and arrested more than 35 people for sex related crimes or registration compliance violations, and conducted more than 1800 sex offender registration compliance checks.

In addition to this important sex offender apprehension mission, the U.S. Marshals in Nevada pursue the worst of the worst fugitives every day. The U.S. Marshals effectively leverage the expertise and abilities of federal, state, county, and city law enforcement agencies and so far this year have arrested around 530 fugitives wanted for drugs, gang, sex crimes and other violence related crimes.

The U.S. Marshals, Metro, and Henderson Police will follow up and initiate investigations towards the goal of prosecuting the local non-compliant sex offenders. The U.S. Marshals will also initiate federal investigations towards the goal of prosecuting the non-compliant sex offenders who have crossed state lines.

U.S. Marshal Christopher Hoye added, “Operation Trick-or-Treat is a demonstration of law enforcement’s commitment to protecting our children in Nevada. We want the sex offenders to know our commitment does not end with this joint operation. We’ll continue to work year round to arrest sex offender fugitives and to ensure compliance with existing registration requirements. We strongly encourage local sex offenders to properly register to avoid arrest and prosecution,” Hoye said.

Operation Trick-or-Treat Task Force partners and Nevada Child Seeker want sex offenders to know that law enforcement will be out in force to protect our children in Nevada. They also want parents to know thee are several ways to keep their children safe on Halloween. Law enforcement is on their side, but they can also follow a few of these tips:

–Don’t allow children to go trick-or-treating alone.

–Children should never go into homes without the permission of their parents, remember the “Always Ask First Rule.”

–Teach children to “Shout Out Loud” and scream if someone tries to grab them.

–Children should tell their parents if someone tries to offer them special treats.

Nevada Child Seekers is a non-profit organization created in 1985 by the community leaders dedicated to locating and advocating on behalf of missing, abducted and runaway children. Nevada Child Seekers offers liaison services to family and law enforcement, abduction prevention education and volunteer opportunities that promote the safety of children in our communities. For more information about Nevada Child Seekers, visit


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