CBS Local — In a scene that will likely be mistaken for a Transformers movie, the United States is going toe-to-toe with Japan in a battle of giant robots. The titanic fight will finally be aired after an American team of engineers challenged their Japanese opponents to the duel in 2015.

The giant, mechanical gladiators were designed by U.S. engineering company Megabots and Japanese rival Suidobashi Heavy Industry. According to Megabots’ website, the company uses cutting-edge technology to create giant, piloted fighting machines used for video games and movies.

Their 16-foot creation, called “Eagle Prime,” took on Japan’s 13-foot “Kuratas” robot in a multi-day competition of metal-bending destruction. The fight was recently completed and is now set to stream on Twitch on October 17. The life-size “Rock’em Sock’em Robots” battle was held in an abandoned steel mill in Japan with two announcers but no crowd. Now for the first, the world will find out which metal monster was left standing.

Officials from Megabots say viewers can expect massive metal carnage but likely won’t see any giant swords or chain saws come out.

“As the robots battle, armor panels shear off and litter the field, smoke and sparks pour out of the chassis, massive robotic limbs tear off, and robots crumple to the ground until only one is left standing,” the American team said.