LAS VEGAS (KXNT) – A group called Take Action Nevada is focused on the prevention of gun violence through the advocacy of common sense measures at the state and federal level. The group said it understands gun violence is multi-faceted, but they believe that should not deter people from immediately enacting policies that will reduce the likelihood of another tragedy happening in Nevada.

Take Action Nevada said it supports:

*An immediate ban on the sale, distribution and ownership of any device that functionally increases the rate of fire of a lawful semi-automatic weapon into an unlawful fully-automatic weapon.

*The immediate implementation of Question 1, The Background Check Initiative, which the state Attorney General has refused to enforce despite that the people of Nevada voted in favor of required background checks for certain firearms sales. While this initiative would not have stopped the event of 1 October, the group believes it would prevent countless other incidents of gun violence.

*The creation of a gun-free zone in all gaming overlay areas of Clark County (inclusive of the Strip, Downtown, etc.) Group leaders believe this effort will help to restore the sense of safety needed for our continued economic stability.

Take Action Nevada also said they know there is more that can and must be done, but they’re starting at the grass-roots level. They said evil will always exist in the world, but inaction is not the answer, according to Take Action Nevada.

Their petition can be found at:

They said they plan on delivering the collected signatures to Governor Brian Sandoval and other related officials at the end of October.


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