LAS VEGAS (KXNT) – The survivors hurt during Sunday night’s massacre include many people who worked at the festival, as first responders, and for the Mandalay Bay Hotel. They may be eligible to file a worker’s compensation claim, but they’ve got to get it to their employer by THIS Sunday. Nevada law says you only have one week to let your employer know if you were injured, either physically or emotionally. Worker’s compensation attorney Jason Mills says lawmakers wanted to make sure people who suffered sudden extreme trauma at work could file claims if they’re unable to work or need extensive medical or psychiatric care.

“The legislature amended the rules to include these stress claims for these types of situations, typically robberies, bad car crashes, assault and batteries–while you’re working, and then, of course, tragically, in scenarios where you have shooting victims,” said Mills.

Just because you file notice of a claim doesn’t mean you have to actually file one. But if you’re injured and don’t file the notice within seven days, your employers and their insurance company can use that to try and deny the claim. The notice-of-claim form is called a C-1 and is available on the Worker’s Compensation page on the website of the state Division of Industrial Relations.

Mills said any regular employee would qualify, but only certain temporary festival workers would be eligible to file.

“If you were employed for more than 20 days or if you earned more than an aggregate amount of $500, then you’re not a casual employee and you can certainly bring a claim,” Mills said.

People have 90 days, until December 29th to file an actual worker’s compensation claim.


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