LAS VEGAS (KXNT) – O.J. Simpson could be released from a Las Vegas prison a free man as early as Monday, according to Nevada prison officials Wednesday.

Under the terms of a plan worked out by the state, the 70-year-old Simpson would be transferred from Lovelock Correctional Center in northern Nevada to High Desert State Prison outside Las Vegas for a release that could happen on Oct. 2, state Department of Corrections spokeswoman Brooke Keast told the Associated Press.

Keast said the process of releasing the former NFL star and actor was still being approved and documents would need to be signed to finalize the release.

Simpson spent nine years behind bars on armed robbery and kidnapping charges following a 2008 confrontation between Simpson and two sports memorabilia dealers at the Palace Station hotel in Las Vegas.

An Oct. 1 eligible parole date was set by state parole board members during a hearing in July. Nevada inmate releases are only conducted on weekdays, making Oct. 2 the first business day on which a Simpson release could be handled by state probation officials.

Tom Scotto, a close friend of Simpson, would only say Simpson was set to be released “shortly after” Oct. 1.

Scotto said he has offered to allow Simpson to stay with him in Naples, Fla., a process that would require coordination between Nevada and Florida parole officials.

Comments (30)

    1. Blame Mark Furman for that one. “I plead the 5th”…

  2. Rob Gunn says:

    Out of jail on Monday and back in on Tuesday.

    1. If he gets paid any $$$ for TV appearances etc… It had better ALL go to the Brown and Goldman families!!! He has a $33 MILLION judgement against him!!

  3. Carl Ball says:

    very good! what happened after the trial was a disgrace of our court system. a kangaroo civil trial! take his money but you had no right to his sports stuff! that was a abomination you did not earn them!

  4. Daisy Mae says:

    He served a unreasonably long time in prison for the offense he was charged with. He actually was sentenced to prison for the murders he was acquitted for. The sentencing was illegal but no appeals court would touch the hot potato

    1. This is true. The judge wanted to punish him for the case he was acquitted for. What a disgrace.

  5. Wonder whom he will kill now. Maybe his DAUGHTER’S boyfriend this time?

  6. Bill Craig says:

    Why can’t he stay with his 40 year old kids who have been spending his money for the last 10 years?

  7. How wonderful. Barf. Look for every liberal loon show have him on and pay him to do so.

  8. Now he can continue to look for the “real” killer.

    1. Jon Solomon says:

      Yes. He will be looking for the real killer. For some reason he thinks the real killer is a golfer, as that is where he spent a lot of time during his previous chance to search for the real killer when he was free. I would love for him to spend a few hours in a house of mirrors, and he would find the whole gang of killers.

  9. Jim Morrison says:

    The NYGiants should sign him. He can;t be any worse than the pitiful backs they have now and he still may able to put some pints on the board.

  10. Remember, he was acquitted of his ‘real’ crimes.

    Are the Brown and Goldman families preparing for his release with their own ill-fitting gloves?

  11. OJ will be a regular on keeping up with the kardashians as mama kris’s new boyfriend ,she can’t wait to suck on that big black radiator hose.

  12. justme928 says:

    The NFL should invite him to take a knee at a game of his choosing.

  13. Y’all leave OJ alone! It none of your business! OJ good man. Him jes defendin him naybohood

  14. Ann Thomas says:

    WHATA DISGRACE, this murderer gets away with TWO MURDERS, RESISTING ARREST AND IS TREATED LIKE A KING IN JAIL AND NOW RELEASED EARLY FROM PRISON..Proving once again that their are those who are ABOVE THE LAW. This country has reached the state of complete corruption.

  15. Ken Dicus says:

    He will undoubtably be scouring the Golf Courses looking for the true murderer….s/o

  16. Larry Jones says:

    I hope the Goldmans have a contract out on the POS. The first 24 hours.

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