LAS VEGAS (KXNT) – Residents interested in attending a demonstration of Clark County’s new voting machines are asked to register with the Election Department by October 3.

Those registered residents will be assigned a specific time during regular work hours on October 10 to attend a demonstration of the new voting machines. The pre-registration is necessary due to the limited number of machines being used for the demonstration, and space considerations.

To register, email Christina Fuentes at

Additional demonstrations of the new voting machines will be scheduled depending upon public demand.

The new voting machines look and operate similarly to the voting machines used in previous elections. Some notable differences include a larger display screen and larger type on the backup paper printout.

The older machines were originally purchased in 2006 and have been used in 27 elections since then. Replacement parts for the older machines are no longer made, which has made repairs difficult. The new system utilizes commercial off-the-shelf hardware, which will make it easier to make repairs in the future and extend the life of the voting system.

Like the older machines, the new voting machines are stand alone systems that are not connected to the Internet and have redundant backup systems, including a paper printout. The County purchased 5,000 new voting machines, and will be using them during the 2018 elections.

“The similarities in the old and new voting machines should make this an easy transition for voters,” County Registrar of Voters Joe Gloria said. “Anyone who is interested in getting an early look at the new voting machines is encouraged to contact us by October 3 so they can attend the October 10 demonstration,” Gloria said.

In addition to the new machines, a couple other notable changes are coming for the 2018 elections.


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