LAS VEGAS (KXNT) – The city of Las Vegas has established a 24-hour short-term rental hotline for use by residents. If a party house has become a nuisance, residents can call 702-229-3500 to make complaints so that enforcement officers can respond.

Short-term or vacation rentals are the rental of a residential dwelling unit for periods of 30 consecutive days or fewer. There are expectations that property owners and tenants will comply with all city of Las Vegas ordinances pertaining to noise, on-site parking and number of people allowed at the residence.

Weddings, birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and other types of special events are not allowed. The city of Las Vegas requires everyone who rents out their property as a short-term rental to get a special use permit and business license.

This non-emergency hotline is designed to handle complaints of noise, excessive number of tenants, large parties, trash, parking, un-permitted use and other issues. It’s important that complainants call while the issue is happening so that it can be documented by the city.

When making a complaint, residents should provide the address of the property in question. Also, they should give their address and contact information in case city staff need to contact the complainants for more information.

Residents with questions about what constitutes a violation should contact the city at

Some general violations include:

*Noise–Outside music or excesive noise that can be heard 50 feet from the property line is in violation of the Las Vegas Municipal Code

*Parking–All cars associated with the residents of the short-term rental must be parked in the driveway. Cars can’t block any neighbors’ property, driveways or community mailboxes.

*Trash–Trash and refuse shall not be left out or stored in public view, except in proper containers for the purpose of collection.


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