LAS VEGAS (AP) — A judge decided not to sanction defendants in the Las Vegas retrial of four men accused of wielding assault-style weapons against federal land management agents to stop a round-up of anti-government figure Cliven Bundy’s cattle in April 2014.

Chief U.S. District Judge Gloria Navarro said Monday she won’t require closing arguments to be submitted in advance, and won’t order a preview of defendant Scott Drexler’s testimony.

Outside the presence of the jury, Navarro said she expects Drexler’s testimony will stay within rulings she previously made to keep testimony focusing on the armed standoff — not on constitutional issues and federal land policy.

The judge on Thursday took the unusual step of ordering defendant Eric Parker off the witness stand and instructing jurors to disregard his testimony.

The judge says she determined that Parker was trying to invite jury “nullification” of charges in the case.


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