HENDERSON, NV (KXNT) – The Henderson Police Department will be doing another Joining Forces, with saturation patrols targeting speeders in the valley.

The department, along with officers throughout the Las Vegas Valley, are set to begin traffic enforcement action targeting speeders. As part of Joining Forces, a statewide law enforcement program, agencies will work together to enforce speed limit laws from August 15-August 29.

Officers will target several different streets at a time using patrols throughout Henderson to stop people who have a lead foot. Areas that are known for high speeds and areas that have received the most citizen complaints will be targeted during the action. Officers from neighboring jurisdictions will be helping Henderson Police during the Joining Forces enhanced enforcement.

Speeding was the cause of about 30 percent of all fatal crashes in the United States, that’s according to National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA).

The Henderson Police Department received $203,000 in federal funding through the Nevada Department of Public Safety-Office of Traffic Safety for the 2017 Joining Forces program. The grant provides funding for enforcement and education to reduce deaths and injuries on Nevada roads.

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  1. James Walker says:

    Remember, saturation patrols targeting speeders are ONLY done in areas where the posted limits are improperly and less-safely set at least 10 mph below the safest 85th percentile speed levels. Example: If the slowest 85% of the cars are at or below 45 mph, the safest limit to post for the fewest crashes is 45 mph – NOT 40 or 35 or lower. You would find the for-profit saturation patrols in such a location ONLY if the posted limit is less-safely set at 35 or lower to make the patrols profitable. These campaigns, often supported by federal grants with quotas for traffic stops or tickets, are money-grab rackets – NOT safety programs.

    It is criminal that the federal government supports these rackets and criminal that state and local governments take the money to support these rackets.

    James C. Walker, National Motorists Association

  2. Speeding was the cause of about 30 percent of all fatal crashes in the United States, that’s according to National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA).

    Not even close to being true. Deaths caused by people driving over the Speed Limit are actually 1,5 – 3% of the total. This was shown in studies done in California, Florida and Canada. The 30% figure is corrupted because just about anytime a vehicle is involved in an accident, speed is reported as a contributing factor. This includes: running a Stop Sign, falling asleep at the wheel or, as was one case in California , driving drunk the wrong way on an Interstate Highway.
    The fact is: Speeding Tickets are tremendous money makers – a multi billion dollar a year industry – and if the real facts were advertised, the driving public would be outraged.

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