CBS Local — In the United Kingdom, a well-known American face is making waves in the drug market.

Drug dealers are selling ecstasy tablets that are shaped like President Donald Trump’s face, according to reports. The drugs are being manufactured in Amsterdam before being brought into Britain.

The Daily Star’s investigation found one site selling the drugs with the following advertisement:

“Quality orange Donald Trump tablets. Very nice press, really detailed. Comes in the actual shape of the head of the president of the USA… Trump makes partying great again.”

Tablets with Trump’s likeness will make this particular brand of drugs stick out from others.

“There are so many pills about these days with so many different names and brands to attract punters,” a source told the Daily Star. “It’s getting to be a game of ‘who’s got the coolest pill?’ I know for a fact the Donald Trumps are very popular because of who he is. Who’d have thought you can get an E in the shape of the U.S. president? Well you can. And they are here.”

The pills have a high level of the drug MDMA, which can be fatal.

“It’s a risky time to be taking Es if you don’t have them tested beforehand,” a source told the Daily Star. “There’ll definitely be more deaths in the coming months because people don’t know what they’re taking.”