CBS Local– Naz Harding, a 12-year-old boy in Connecticut, had his bike stolen and police were unable to catch the perpetrator. A few officers decided just closing the case and moving on was insufficient, so they replaced the bike with their own money.

The officers showed up to Harding’s house to surprise him with his new bike.

“Thank you for buying me a bike,” Harding told Hartford police officers via “[I was] surprised and happy, because I could ride my bike with my friends [again].”

Harding is in the youth police academy and the officers just wanted to help the boy out.

“They do a lot for the community so we wanted to do something for them,” Officer Christopher White said. “We felt the need to make it right.”

Naz’s mother Cathy Harding said it meant so much to her.

“It was pretty cool of them to stop on their busy days fighting crime and doing what they’re doing just to give my son a bike,” said Cathy Harding. “Just to give him back a bike, just as simple as riding with his friends means so much to these kids.”