Live from the rafters of T-Mobile Arena it’s time for UFC 213. The main event was changed at the 11th hour as Amanda Nunes fell ill and was pulled from the Bantamweight title fight with Valentina Shevchenko. The co-main event if Yoel Romero vs. Robert Whittaker has been moved up to the main event. 10 fights on the card, set to get underway art 4PM PST with the main card on pay per view kicking off at 7PM PST. CBS Sports Radio 1140’s Ken Boehlke here to bring you through blow by blow of all of tonight’s action.


10:11 – That’s it for UFC 213. Congrats to Whittaker, and look forward to seeing the Bisping Whittaker fight… even more than Bisping GSP.

10:10 – Romero says he did know he hurt Whittaker’s knee. Says he was waiting for his moment. Says God does things for a reason, that’s why he lost.

10:09 – Bisping walks out, Dana instantly picks up the belt. Weird.

10:08 – Bisping gets on the mic and yells something to the effect of “you should be ashamed of yourself wearing that belt.” Then throws his belt at Whittaker’s feet.

10:06 – Bisping is in the ring, this may get interesting.

10:05 – 48-47 x3 Whittaker.

10:03 – Romero cleary disagrees with me. I’ve got Round 1 and 2 for Yoel. 3, 4, and 5 for Robert. Excellent fight.

10:02 – Whittaker raining down elbows on Romero. Great round for Robert. He’s going to be the champ.

10:01 – Now Whittaker kicks the leg out and jumps on top of Romero. Huge moment to control this round. Whittaker in the home stretch now.

10:00 – If Whittaker can stay upright, he should win this round, and the fight. Not much left in Romero’s punches.

9:59 – Much of the same from Robert, including a great knee to the face. Whittaker is in control. Romero out of gas.

9:56 – Whittaker with a nasty set of kicks to the body. Pushes Romero from the black line all the way back to the cage. Romero now looks very tired. Breatheing with his mouth open. Another round for Robert. I’ve got it 2-2, but it could be 3-1 Robert. Either way, HUGE 5th round coming, and Whittaker has the momentum.

9:54 – Romero with another flying knee atempt. May have landed to Robert’s body.

9:51 – Romero grabs a hold and hangs on as Whittaker tries desparately to get free. Can’t do it and Romero drags him against the cage.

9:50 – Whittaker nails a knee to the body. Has been constantly on the attack in this round. Solid round for Whittaker. Right back in it.

9:48 – Whittaker with a nasty front kick. Taking control a bit here.

9:46 – Whittaker hits him hard, twice, Romero in a bit of trouble, but looks to have recovered.

9:43 – Big John breaks them from against the cage. Whittake throws a bice straight kick followed by a flurry of punches, but once again Romero gets him against the cage and scores a leg trip takedown right before the round is out. 10-9 Round 2 for Yoel for sure. 20-18 on my card for Yoel.

9:42 – Whittaker back to his feet, but looks completely gassed, and we’ve got 17 minutes to go.

9:40 – Romero nearly landed the exact same knee that merched Weidman. Didn’t, but quickly got a great takedown after it. Romero on top now.

9:38 – Whittaker lands hard, but Romero runs through it to try a take down. Ridiculously close round. I’m leaning Romero because of the takedown and the control, but Whittaker was the aggressor. Could really go either way, luckily there are 4 more to decide it.

9:35 – Romero has him pinned against the cage, doing nothing though. Robert breaks free. Close round. 90 seconds left.

9:34 – Yoel shoots, gets him down but Whittaker up quickly.

9:33 -Whittaker leading the dance early. But nothing yet.

9:32 – Here we go. Main event is underway.

9:31 – Pretty sure Romero is built out of clay. It’s ridiculous.

9:28 – Romero is so damn athletic. Meanwhile in the front row, Bisping has his belt displayed on the side of the cage, and was waving a Cuban flag at Romero. Yoel appeared to be yelling at him through the cage. How in the world is Bisping in Romero’s head when Yoel is fighting Robert Whittaker. Liked Whittaker before that, like him even more now.

9:23 – I could be way off here, but I just think this is Whittaker’s moment. He’s been on an absolute tear, and I don’t think Romero is the guy to get in the way. Actually think it’s going to be quick… in favor of Whittaker, which is not a popular opinion up here on press row.

9:19 – Crazy that this division was dominated by Anderson Silva for so long, and now, he’s completely out of the picture, there have been three champs since, GSP is apparently in this division now, and we’ve got an interim title fight. Boy how things change in a few years in this sport.

9:17 – Main event now. Crazy rise of Robert Whittaker including the insane KO of Jacare Souza not that long ago, against the clear #1 guy behind Michael Bisping, Yoel Romero. Very closely matched up fight. It’s for the interim middleweight belt.

9:14 – Very interesting to see a UFC promo showing footage from Jon Jones wearing the orange jumpsuit in the courtroom. I guess it’s part of the story, but very odd. Cool promo overall though.

9:11 – Not entirely sure how that could have been a 10-8 round in the 3rd. Crowd is livid with the result, but it’s not wrong at all. He clearly won round 2, and round 1 was very very close. Definitely lost the 3rd, and probably lost in the “who got hurt more,” but that’s not how UFC fights are scored.

9:10 – 29-28, 29-28, and 28-28, Overeem.

9:07 – Fight ends with Werdum reining down body shots from side control. Easiest round to score by far. I’ve got 29-28 Werdum. I believe the judges will go 29-28 Overeem. Very likely a split decision coming.

9:06 – Werdum dominating inside of Reems guard, but nothing that’s going to put him away. Clear round win with 30 seconds to go for Werdum, but is it enough?

9:05 – Reem in. world of hurt as it goes back to the feet. Two or three stiff jabs clean to the face for Werdum. Then a massive takedown. But he may be down 2-0. Should really be forcing the finish here.

9:04 – Werdum rocks him! Jumps on a wobbled Reem buy can’t put him away.

9:02 – Every round Werdum has started by a jumping front kick, none have come close to landing.

9:01 – Werdum came on a bit late, but that round goes to Overeem. I’ve got it tied, but it wouldn’t shock me at all if it’s 20-18 Reem.

9:00 – Stiff left jab lands clean for Werdum. Best punch of the fight.

8:58 – Reem with a great uppercut to the body, then follows it with a knee which brings Werdum down. Again though, up before I can finish typing.

8:55 – Nasty kick to the body by Reem. Werdum kind of caught it and tried to turn it in to a take down. But Reem countered that by tripping Werdum and ending up on top. Then he lets him up before I finished writing this sentence.

8:54 – Little bit of a late kick after the bell by Werdum, didn’t do much damage. Really tough round to judge. If I had to guess, I’ll say Werdum, but would not question anyone seeing it the other way.

8:53 – Reem throws a punch and it “knocks down” Werdum. Looked like a slip from up here.

8:52 – Extended feel out process here. Tends to be the case with a rematch of a rematch. They’ll get going.

8:46 – Werdum walking to a Bieber song. Got to love that.

8:44 – Have a feeling this one could go real quick, and if I had to guess, it’ll be Werdum putting Reem out, not the other way around. But, it wouldn’t shock me either way.

8:39 – Wedum vs. Overeem next. This is a great fight, but it would have looked much more impressive if it was 4th or 5th in line like it should have been, rather than co-main.

8:37 – 30-27 x3 Blaydes.

8:35 – Daniel just throw like a spinning cartwheel kick. Not surprisingly, it wasn’t remotely close to landing.

8:34 – Lot of punching not a lot of landing, but Blaydes is leading the dance.

8:32 – And here we go Round 3, same thing. Blaydes pushed Daniel against the fence. Corwd unhappy.

8:30 – This is the problem with heavyweight fights sometimes. When neither lands a big knockout punch, it just seems lethargic. And it gets worse as the rounds go on.

8:28 – This fight is so rough, that the crowd is trying to start the wave.

8:26 – They break, and Blaydes lands two stiff ones. Notjing too signficant though. Then he shoots for the takedown and doesn’t come remotely close.

8:25 – Straight back to holding him against the fence for Blaydes. Crowd not thilled.

8:23 – Not the most exciting round there, Blaydes gets it, but nothing impressive.

8:21 – They were separated for a buit there, but Blaydes grabs him again in the clinch, doing work on the body and really controlling Daniel. Then they break.

8:18 – Curtis sprints right after him and gets into the clinch. Questionable groin shot. Fight back on.

8:16 – Blaydes is -750 in this fight. He better do something spectacular.

8:14 – Herb Dean not happy with Blaydes fingernails. They pull out the nail clipper. Quite possibly the most bizzare moment of the night, loud speakers blasting mortal combat while a 200 pound guy clips another 200 pound guys nails.

8:12 – Blaydes coming out to Mortal Combat. Honestly, kind of surprising more guys don’t use this song. There’s no way Blaydes has cornered the market has he?

8:10 – Omielanczuk vs. Blaydes. This fight being on the main card is proof that this card is well… not great.

8:09 – Music is too loud. Can they turn it down please? I think I’m officially old.

8:07 – They show three fighters on the screen. Joanna, huge applause. Max Holloway, huge applause. Cody Garbrandt, booed. Weird.

8:03 – Wow, 30-27 x3. Can’t say he didn’t win the fight, but I thought Miller got at least one round.

8:03 – I’ll go 2-1 Pettis here. Maybe split.

8:01 – For some reason Jim Miller just rolled on the ground in front of Pettis. No clue why. I think Miller won that last round, but it could go either way.

8:00 – Not a ton going on in this final round.

7:55 – Miller finally able to get back to his feet, but Pettis drags him back down. Miller won 3 minutes of the round, then Pettis won the last 2. However, judges have short memories, which is why this is probably Pettis 20-18 right now.

7:54 – Pettis now the one landing bombs through the kicks of Miller on his back.

7:53 – Miller trying to land bombs through the up kicks of Pettis but having no success. As Pettis tries to get up, Miller has his back, in good position now but Pettis slips out.

7:51 – Miller catches a kick, then kicks out the other leg. Now trying to get position on the ground, but struggling to do so.

7:49 – Fun round. I’ll give it to Pettis, but rather close. Miller has had great success kicking the lead leg of Pettis, but Anthony has certainly had the more powerful of the strikes, and had the biggest one that wobbled Miller a bit. 10-9 Showtime.

7:48 – There’s some Showtime! Feint followed by a sick spinning back elbow. Lands pretty good.

7:47 – Pettis lands flush, tries to finish him, but can’t. Close first round.

7:45 – Miller instantly with two hard leg kicks and a stiff left jab.

7:43 – I miss the old Showtime. I think he’s gone for good though. We shall see.

7:39 – Fans really enjoying CCR’s Bad Moon Rising for Miller. Gonna be tough to win a crowd over fighting against Pettis.

7:32 – Jim Miller vs. Anthony Pettis is next up. Miller looks afully juicy at +210, Pettis has been on a bit of a downward slide. Not exactly the same, but reminds me a bit of Browne.

7:29 – Massive right hand was the beginning of the end, then he went spider monkey on him by just grabbing his neck and not letting go.

7:26 – Font sinks in a choke, Douglas somehow zombies his way to his feet with Font locked around his neck. Eventually falls to the ground and has to tap.

7:25 – Oh, Font lights him up with a flurry, looked like it might be the end for Douglas… but no, 1 minute left in the round.

7:24 – Ok, we’ve got a fight now. Douglas hits him hard a few times. Close round halfway through.

7:23 – Very hard right from Font, and then again. Douglas will not go away though.

7:20 – Font wins the first round relatively easily.

7:18 – Font looking for the spectacular finish, nothing yet.

7:16 – Font shoots and gets a takedown.

7:13 – This is the fight that got moved up to the main card. Rob Font vs. Douglas Silva de Andrade. Hopefully it lives up to it.

7:10 – WTF!?! Silva de Andrede is walking out to some song that sounds like it’s from the Brazilian edition of The Voice.

7:06 – Alright, let’s go. Can we see some fights?

6:50 – We’ll see you in 10 minutes when the PPV gets underway.

6:49 – Oleinik by rear naked choke at 3:44 of Round 2.

6:47 – And Browne taps! Wow, what a great win for Oleinik.

6:46 – Travis does a bit of work, but Oleinik works his way to his feet, then hugs Browne from his back and drags him to the ground.

6:44 – Oleinik is doing work to the body in the clinch. Then Brown grabs him and throws him to the ground. Big takedown for Browne.

6:43 – I’ll give that one to Oleinik. Canceled out knockdowns, Oleinik finished strong with takedown. 10-9

6:42 – Travis throwing some heavy kicks, but Oleinik walks right through and takes him down. May have won the round because of it.

6:41 – And down goes Brown. Clipped hard, but the fight continues.

6:40 – Massive shot puts Oleinik down. Brown cannot finish it though.

6:38 – Couple hard shots on both sides early. Now Oleinik pushes him into the cage. Browne knees his way out.

6:35 – Three straight and four out of five losses for Browne. This is a win or go home for him. If anyone has ever needed a W, it’s Travis in this fight.

6:32 – It literally sounds like the Russian version of “You’re a mean one Mr. Grinch.”

6:31 – Oleinik could not have picked a more Russian song to walk out to. My goodness.

6:29 – Here’s a great spot for a solid underdog. Travis Browne vs. Aleksei Oleinik. Browne going off at -225ish. He’s been on a rough slide, Oleinik can certainly win this, shouldn’t be 2:1 dog.

6:22 – 1:37 Round 3 TKO. Right hand to the liver. Laprise calls out Mickey Gall for a fight in Edmonton.

6:19 – Boring fight until that epic finish.

6:18 – Woah! Laprise lands a bomb! Wobbles Camozzie, and the hunt is on. Laprise hits him with a knee that cumples him. And to borrow from Goldy, “It’s all over!”

6:16 – I’d like to see CompuStrike, but from the press box 100+ feet from the octagon I don’t think there was a single shot to the head in that round.

6:13 – A lot more of nothing here in Round 2. This fight is turning into a snoozer.

6:09 – After about four and a half minutes of not much, Laprise finally kicks Camozzi hard to the body which knocks him down. Due to that, and that alone, the round goes to Laprise.

6:06 – Uninteresting first 2 minutes. One hard punch from Laprise, one hard kick from Camozzi.

6:04 – Chad Laprise kind of looks like me. I hope his face doesn’t get hurt in this fight.

6:00 – Got to love a guy with a 100% finish rate. That being said, I feel like every time I see that, the guy has his first fight go the distance.

5:59 – Chad Laprise vs. Brian Camozzi, making their way to the octagon now.

5:53 – Now, because we are on FS1, we get to wait 10 minutes before the next fight. Argh.

5:50 – He’s trying to speak a bit of English… I think. Wasn’t working very well.

5:48 – 2:04 Round 2 by TKO, Thiago Santos. Rogan in the ring to interview.

5:45 – Finally, the ref stops it. What a performance from Santos. Just in another league.

5:44 – Santos puts him down once again and then just rains down punches. Once again, I’m asking for it to be stopped, but Gerald surives.

5:42 – Replays show Gerald hit him hard a few time, but that’s a clear 10-9 Santos for me.

5:40 – Santos bleeding all over himself, but he’s dominating the fight while doing it. Picking Gerald apart on the feet.

5:39 – Eye poke gives us a short break, back at it now.

5:38 – Santos lands a massive shot that puts Gerald down. I thought Gerald was out, but he survives. Santos lets him back up.

5:36 – Gerald shoots in a takedown, nearly gets it but pays for it. Back to the feet.

5:35 – Got to love the massive hammer on Santos’ chest. Bad ass tattoo. Wonder how it’ll look in 30 years though.

5:30 – Thiago Santos vs. Gerald Meerschaert. This one has a chance to be a real banger. Would not be surprised at all if this one ends up as the most exciting fight of the prelims.

5:29 – Arena hyping up the Werdum Overeem fight, basically telling those in attendance, it’s ok people, there are still some good fights tonight.

5:26 – 29-28, 29-28, 30-27 Muhammed.

5:23 – Fight over, Muhammed dominated the later two rounds. Not sure the scores, but Muhammed won the fight.

5:21 – Not squarely on Mein’s back, Muhammed trying to work in a choke, but Mein’s hand fighting is keeping it from sinking in. 2 minutes to go.

5:19 – Same as the first two round, Muhammed pushes him into the cage, works it to a takedown, and is now just overpowering Mein physically. Not landing anything significant though.

5:17 – Muhammed now does get him to the ground. Should be enough to win this round. Round 1 – ??? Round 2 – Muhammed 10-9.

5:16 – Muhammed shoots in yet again, holds him against the fence, nothing.

5:15 – Belal with a solid right. Mein starting to bleed from a cut above the eyebrow.

5:13 – Muhammed shoots in once again, and after 45 seconds he finally drags him down… or does he. Mein right back up.

5:12 – I’m focused now. Lot of Mein leg kicks early in Round 2.

5:10 – One round in, it’s been 5 minutes of takedown defense by Jordan Mein. I was in line getting food, so I’ll refrain from giving a score guess.

4:55 – Time for me to grab food, will be back shortly. Belal Muhammad vs. Jordan Mein is the next fight. Live on FS1.

4:55 – 30-27, 30-27, 29-28 for Cody Stammen. Who in the hell saw a round for Ware?

4:55 – Official decision coming up, it’ll be 30-27 x3.

4:54 – Ware able to work back to his feet, but eats a bunch of punches on the way up. Both throw a few haymakers before the bell, Stammen shoots in and gets takedown 7 as the horn sounds.

4:53 – Stammen seems content to stay on top and just work for position. 1 minute left.

4:52 – Stammen finally has enough of Ware throwing big shots, shoots once, nope, shoots again, lands takedown 6.

4:50 – Round 3 underway, much more of the same, Ware comes forward, Cody moves away. Then Stammen launches a big front kick that lands and then laughes at Ware.

4:47 – Ware gets back up, lands clean twice, Stammen shoots, and you’ll never believe it… yup, takedown number 5. Round over. 20-18 Stammen.

4:45 – Ware looks the better fighter on the feet, but he just can’t seem to land anything clean on Stammen. Stammen shoots again, and gets takedown number 4.

4:43 – Ware throws a couple huge hooks that miss, Cody laughes at his face and baits him in, Ware obliges, and gets taken down incredibly easily. That’s 3 for Stammen, but they are back up to the feet.

4:41 – Round 1 over. Stammen takes it rather easily. 10-9.

4:40 – Stammen lands another takedown. Definitely going to win the round, but he probably took the hsrdest shot.

4:38 – Ware misses badly on a few, but then lands a really nice hook hard. Ware then knees Stammen hard in the groin. Time out.

4:46 – Stammen lands a nice left followed by a solid knee. Then another big knee that he works directly into a takedown. Nice start for Cody.

4:35 – Ware is a pretty sizable underdog in this fight. Stammen a -275 favorite.

4:30 – Time for Cody Stammen vs. Terrion Ware. A pair of featherweight newbies. In a fight like this, you just hope someone stands out. Not sure if either are, but this sport can use a few more stars, would be nice to be able to point to this moment as the birth of one.

4:29 – Finally, he’s in the back Not to take away from Giles, but no one is going to remember him, all thoughts should be with Bochnovic. Hopefully we get an email in an hour or two saying he’s alright.

4:26 – He finally stands up, and his head just falls foward to his chest. They’ve now laid him down on the stretcher and are taking him off that way. Really sucks to see this happen to anyone, but especially a guy on the first card of the night who just fought in front of 500 people and earned about $2,000.

4:25 – Bochnovic is still on the stool not looking good at all. This is the longest I’ve ever seen a fighter stay in the octagon without a broken bone. Finally, the stretcher is on its way to the ring.

4:22 – Giles has now exited and Bochnovic is sitting on the stool looking like a limp noodle. He does not look good at all. This is the scary part about MMA.

4:21 – Now Giles doing the post fight interview with Joe Rogan, and Bochnovic is still not up. Finally, he gets to a sitting position and the crowd gives a big applause.

4:20 – Bochnovic is still out laying on his back in the corner of the octagon. Buffer announces the winner, and Bochnovic is still on his back.

4:18 – Oh my goodness, Giles starts landing monster punches from Bochnovic’s back, Bochnovic goes completely out, and Giles lands two more. Fight is stopped, impressive win for Giles.

4:16 – Bochnovic comes out laboring to start the round, eats a mega left hook from Giles, who then eventually bullies him into a takedown again. Giles on top again with plenty of time to work.

4:14 – Round 1 over. Giles 10-9 easily. Couple power punches through the guard near the end of the round. Minor swelling on Bochnovic’s face. More bird noises from the crowd for some reason.

4:12 – Bochnovic nearly gets up, and Giles rag dolls him back to the ground. Not a ton of damage, but Giles has an easy round win as we head into the final minute.

4:10 – Not much in the first two minutes but a pair of loud smacking kicks and some fans making bird noises. Then, finally, a takedown from Giles, he’s in dominant position now.

4:07  – Can’t say I know much about these two, but Giles is 7-0 as an MMA fighter, so anytime there’s an undefeated fighter, I’m intrigued.

3:51 PM – First fight of the night scheduled to get underway in a few minutes. It’s James Bochnovic vs. Trevin Giles.


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