HENDERSON, NV (KXNT) – When it’s this hot so many of us can forgot about our pets. It can be more miserable for them. After all they have no sweat glands, no shoes and fur.

The summer months can be uncomfortable even dangerous for pets and people. It’s difficult enough simply to cope with rising temperatures but things really get tough when there is intense heat. The Henderson Animal Control officers would like to remind citizens how to protect their animals during this extreme heat wave and what to do if they witness animal neglect.

It’s important to remember that dogs are vulnerable to injuries and illnesses related to hot weather including heat stroke, sunburn and foot pad burns. The most dangerous condition is heat stroke, which can cause organ failure, seizures, brain damage, hemorrhages, blindness, convulsions and even death.

Unfortunately, animal control officers have impounded dogs left outside with little shade, water and no cooling mechanisms in the past few days. According to Henderson Municipal Code 7.06.030., in the event of a head advisory issued by the National Weather Service, additional mechanisms appropriate for the animal species, including but not limited to, misters, swamp coolers or air conditioning, must be provided which will allow the animal to cool down the body temperature and prevent overheating.

Therefore if a patrol officer or an animal control officer receives a report of an animal without a mister, swamp cooler or air conditioning, the dog could be impounded and the owner given a ticket.

Here are some tips to keep your pooch happy, healthy and cool during these extremely hot temperatures.

-When the temperature is high, don’t let your dog linger on hot surfaces like asphalt and cement. Being so close to the ground can heat their body quickly and is also an invitation to burns on sensitive paw pads. Keep walks to a minimum.

-Giving your dog a light-weight summer haircut can help prevent overheating, but never shave to the skin, the dog needs one-inch of protection to avoid getting a sunburn.

-Provide access to fresh water at all times. Make sure an outside dog has access to shade and plenty of cool water.

-Many dogs enjoy a swim, splashing in a wading pool, or a run through a sprinkler. In warmer weather, this can help bring the dogs core temperature down.

For more information, visiti cityofhenderson.com/animal-control/home.


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