CBS Local — Some people enjoying exercising and working out, others enjoy the physical and health benefits that accompany aforementioned physical activity. Some would happily skip their workouts if they could get similar benefits. Now, according to a study, it may be possible to take a pill to improve stamina.

In a study published in Live Science, scientists experimented on mice. Mice who did not take the stamina pill could run on a treadmill for about 160 minutes while those who did take the pill for eight weeks could run for 270 minutes.

The pill is designed to have the body burn stored fat rather than burned sugar.

“If you reprogram the genetics, you can acquire that level of fitness without having to expend a lot of energy,” said Ronald Evans, an author of the study and a molecular and developmental biologist at the Salk Institute in La Jolla, California.

With the current studies still on the phase of mice experimentation, there’s no guarantee it’d have the same effect on humans. But it’s preliminary research, it’s a start and it’s encouraging.

“The experiments in this paper are geared towards supporting its ability for athletic performance enhancement,” Williams said. “It’d be useful to see additional research on this compound in models that represents metabolic diseases or some sort of dystrophy.”