Despite the devastating news of Khabib Nurmagomedov pulling out of his interim title fight with Tony Ferguson, UFC 209 rolls on from T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. The headline fight is a rematch of a UFC 205 title fight between champion Tyron Woodley and Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson. The previous fight ended in a majority draw leading the UFC to run it back just four months later.

Other fights on the card are Mark Hunt vs. Alistair Overeem, Rashad Evans vs. Daniel Kelly, Lando Vannata vs. David Teymur, and the interesting scrap between two undefeated fighters Paul Craig and Tyson Pedro.

This is CBS Sports Radio 1140’s Ken Boehlke reporting live from the T-Mobile Arena press box high above the octagon.I’ll be here breaking down all 11 fights on the card, all you have to do is hit the refresh button every couple of minutes or so for the next 7 hours.


9:57 – I’m out of here. That was fun, except for the last fight, which sucked. Sorry, it did. I’ll just say this, I’m happy Woodley got the decision because Wonderboy should not have won the title on that fight. He just didn’t do enough for me. Not that Woodley really did either, but still, I can’t grant you the belt if you never even come close to hurting your opponent. Like literally not at all. Bad fight. Good night. See ya for the next one in Vegas.

9:55 – We were SO close to it being another draw. What a bad fight. It was a 25 minute fight. They fought for two minutes and thirty seconds.

9:54 –  Wonderboy says he thought he won (again). Thanks fans. They boo him.

9:52 – I don’t get how we got to those numbers, but we did and I’m happy Woodley didn’t lose his belt over that. Wonderboy did not win. Period.

9:52 – Here we go with the decision, to a chorus of boos. 48-47 Woodley, 47-47 and 48-47 Woodley. And still.

9:50 – It’s got to be 48-47 Wonderboy. Decision coming now.

9:49 – Woodley had the only TD. The only knockdown, and the only punches that even hurt. Yet he should lose this because of three horribly boring rounds.

9:48 – Woodley wins round Round 5.

9:47 – Oh wait. Woodley lands a massive bomb. Down goes Wonderboy. He unloads and unloads and unloads, but can’t put him away.

9:46 – More of the same. Worst title fight in UFC history? Hard to argue against it.

9:44 – What about the “have to beat the champ to be the champ thing.” Wonderboy has done absolutely nothing but control the center of the octagon. That’s literally it. Does that make you a champ? Looks like we are going to find out as that’s what Round Five is too.

9:43 – They are doing it again. Nothing going on. Massive Fight Fight Fight chants going up. This is bad stuff.

9:41 – Usually I’d be wirting more. But there’s just nothing to say. Nothing’s going on. Wonderboy wins another on octagon control. This is a bad bad fight. Something better happen or else this is going to be a sad situation.

9:39 – Wonderboy with the hardest shot of the round a spinning kick. But it’s a lot like rounds one and two.

9:37 – Lot of nothing again early here. Crowd chanting fight. Ugh.

9:35 – Good clean right from Woodley towards the end. Wonderboy comes back at him but nothing big. That’s definitely Tyron’s round. 29-28 Thompson right now, but hopefully the first two rounds don’t determine the fight.

9:33 – Back to what we were doing for the first 10 minutes. Woodley’s ok with it now because he’s got the round in hand.

9:32 – Wonderboy up, but ate two hard hard knees to get there. Still in the clinch. Now they break.

9:31 – Some hard lefts to the body from the top. Then two hard ones to the head. Woodley not giving up his dominant position.

9:30 – Woodley shoots in. Going for the takedown. And gets it! Now on top with 4 minutes to work. Wonderboy’s neck against the cage.

9:29 – More of the same. Nothing really to show for any of the first 10 minutes. Again, I guess it’s Thompson. Softest 20-18 I’ve ever seen. But it is what it is. Crowd is UNhappy… to say the least.

9:27 – Woodley rushes forward and catches him once, not hard.

9:26 – Still not much. Crowd growing restless. Almost exactly round one again.

9:25 – Another minute passes, very little. One strike from Tyron. Wonderboy now looking to open up, but doesn’t.

9:22 – One rush forward from Wonderboy, that’s it and the round is out. It has to go to Thompson based solely on “octagon control.” His feet were closer to the middle, longer. 10-9 Wonderboy, but only because I have to give someone the round.

9:21 – Both incredibly respectful of the other’s skills. No one doing much. But there’s a round to be won. 90 seconds left, you literally can’t score it cause no one has landed anything.

9:18 – One minute in. No strikes thrown. First is a flurry from Tyron, a few land, not hard.

9:16 – Reigning! Defending! Undisputed (but also tied this guy last time)! Tyron Woodley!

9:14 – Buffer is about to say it. Then they’ll fight. That’s how this works.

9:12 – This is an awesome matchup. Was so much fun last time, this one should be just as good. I wasn’t that excited until like 30 seconds ago. Now I am, let’s go! It’s Time!

9:10 – Kind of only makes sense off the draw. I think the value is on Woodley here. He’s the champ, he came closer to winning the last fight and I think he had more to learn from being in there with Wonderboy than vice versa.

9:09 – Thompson is going to close as the slightest of favorites at -115 to Woodley’s -110.

9:08 – The Tenacious D Wonder Boy song as entrance music is great every time. Wooooonder Boyyyyy!

9:07 – Not shown in the hype video was the announcement that Woodley won the fight. It was the original Moonlight.

9:04 – Main event now. Welterweight championship between Tyron Woodley and Stephen Thompson. Last time it went down as a majority draw, which is how I had it scored as well. Wonderboy won 3 rounds, but lost one 10-8.

9:03 – Teymur kisses Rogan on the bald head. Says he hopes he gets some new fans after this. I think he will. That was a very good performance. Big time win for Teymur. 6 straight.

9:02 – Official decision. 30-27 x3 David Teymur.

9:00 – Both throw and miss bombs near the bell. I’ve got Teymur winning that fight. 29-28.

8:59 – In tight Teymur has some nice knees. He may just steal this. Leading this round under a minute left.

8:58 – Great two piece combo from David then a TD try.

8:57 – Fun fight. Both guys pushing the action, no on has taken the lead this round yet.

8:55 – Lando comes out guns blazing throwing wild kicks, but Teymur stays in there and counters with some nice punches.

8:52 – Excellent two knee, two punch combo from Teymur. I’ve got him winning the round. We are tied. Have to say, when Vannata doesn’t KO guys early, they tend to come back and he fades. It’s Teymur’s to win right now.

8:51 – Very nice superman punch from Teymur. Audience approves. Then Teymur with a semi takedown and a good knee. Fan support shifting.

8:50 – Another spinning kick from Lando. Crowd loves his wild stuff. It’s landing, but not too hard. Teymur is very much in this fight as the large underdog.

8:49 – Vannata tries what looks like a slide tackle in soccer. Lands but not hard. Yellow card. Then they both trade hard punches.

8:47 – On the replay, Teymur’s “hard” punch was more of a glancer. Just took away Lando’s balance for a split second. No damage.

8:47 – Lando shoots in for a quick takedown, but they scramble to their feet. Then Teymur with his best shot of the punch backing up Vannata. Fun round. 10-9 Lando.

8:46 – Lando with a wild spinning back kick that lands to the body, then tries another and whiffs bad.

8:45 – Twice Teymur nicely dodges a kick and lands a punch. Now Vannata with a crazy cartwheel looking kick that lands on Teymur’s head. Hurt him, but Teymur stays in the fight. One hard Lando shot behind it too. Two minutes left.

8:44 – Very light feet from Vannata, kind of confusing Teymur, but nothing significant landed yet.

8:41 – We are underway with this weird but good co-main event.

8:38 – Lando Vannata has a few things going for him in this fight. 1) He had a great fight with the guy who was supposed to be in the big fight tonight (Ferguson). 2) Lando is fun to say. 3) His nickname is good (Groovy).

8:36 – I am very excited for this fight, but I cannot ever remember a co-main event of a PPV like this. Even some of the diehard MMA fans aren’t going to know much about either guy in this fight.

8:35 – Vannata had quite possibly one of the most incredible KO’s ever with his spinning kick to the head of John Makdesi last time out. Made him a bit of a star. Something similar here would go a long long way on a stage he truly doesn’t deserve against an opponent he does.

8:34 – David Teymur vs. Lando Vannata next. Co-main event. Has to be one of the first co-main’s ever on a PPV that does not have a single ranked fighter.

8:30 – Crowd shots of Francis Ngannou, future heavyweight champ in my opinion. Josh Donaldson of the Blue Jays who mouthed “Go Wonderboy” and Tony Ferguson who asked for a belt that he should have been fighting for tonight.

8:29 – Like I said, it was a very close matchup and it wound up being a very close fight.

8:27 – It was exactly what I thought it would be. Just not for me. Ugly fight.

8:26 – 29-28 Kelly, 29-28 Evans 29-28 Kelly

8:24 – Weird finish. Kelly goes for a takedown and Evans blatantly grabs a hold of his shorts to stave it off. (You can’t do that) McCarthy sends them back to their corners, Kelly not happy about it. :15 on the clock, they then come to the middle and just throw bombs for the last :15. I have Kelly 29-28, have a feeling it’s going the other way. Only round I’m positive on is Kelly won the 3rd.

8:22 – A bunch of nice left uppers from Kelly in tight. Then another failed judo throw.

8:21 – A weird slip/trip of Evans. No clue how to score it. Reminded me of incidental contact on a pass interference call in football.

8:20 – A ton of swings and misses early here in the third. Kelly maybe landed 1 of 20, Evans 1 of 15.

8:18 – Evans lands a kick but Kelly catches it, pushes him one legged against the wall and lifts Evans completely. Couldn’t put him down though. Great balance from Rashad negates what could have been a big takedown. Let’s say 19-19, but biased Ken actually thinks it’s 20-18 Kelly.

8:16 – Kelly landing some nice punches, shoots in for a takedown and it’s sprawled and Evans actually almost gets one of his own.

8:15 – Very nice left from Kelly. Then another judo throw attempt that Evans cancels. Kelly looking better in this round. Still half a fight to go though.

8:13 – First time Kelly goes for his judo techniques and Evans cancels it nicely.

8:11 – Rashad with a strong kick at the end that was very loud in the arena. I have 10-9 Kelly, but as I mentioned bias. Both members of the media next to me have 10-9 Evans.

8:10 – Finally Kelly gets in tight and then punches his way out nicely. In tight again, Kelly does well again.

8:09 – Rashad with a single punch then goes in for a takedown, kind of gets it, but Kelly back up instantly.

8:08 – Rashad catches him with a good right, Kelly comes back with an even better left.

8:07 – Very slow start. I’m shocked!

8:05 – Buffer announcing Evans like it’s 2008.

8:00 – Disclosure: I bet on Kelly because I thought this fight was stupid and I wanted to care. I got him at +190. I think it should be -110 on both sides.

7:57 – I forgot to put official results on the Calvillo/Cooper fight. Calvillo won by rear naked choke. I don’t remember the exact time. You’ll live.

7:54 – Next is the much anticipated return of Rashad Evans. He fights Dan Kelly. If Garbrandt Cruz was fought at a speed of 10. McGregor Diaz at a 7. That disastrous Henrique Tybura fight earlier tonight at a 2. This will be a -17. Why do we have to do this?

7:53 – Camera shows Michael Bisping. Crowd boos, he mouths “f*** you” and then laughs. My favorite moment of the night so far. Hilarious.

7:51 – Nice night for Cynthia Calvillo. That fight was supposed to be on fight pass, Khabib pulls and they push it up to PPV. Not too bad. She might end up with Sub of the Night too.

7:49 – After about 45 seconds of not looking for the choke from her back, Cynthia goes for it, and sinks it in. Amanda tries to hand fight, limited success, rolls, and it gets tighter. Cooper taps. Calvillo wins.

7:48 – Calvillo gets the first takedown and tried a choke. Let’s do smartly to get on her back with a strong body lock. Calvillo in control early.

7:47 – Not a ton landing early. Nice two punch one kick combo from Calvillo with the kick landing hard to the thigh.

7:44 – Calvillo is slightly favored at -140.

7:41 – With that being said, if Calvillo can win this fight, especially if it’s in a big way, the UFC is going to get behind her. You know why. Damn, I said I wasn’t going to talk about it anymore. Ok, now I’m done. Fighting! Sports!

7:40 – Cynthia Calvillo has posted many pictures with Paige VanZant. They train together. There’s a debate over which is more attractive. That’s the last I’ll say about that.

7:39 – Just got emailed the scorecards, all three judges had Bektic up over Elkins 20-17. Still can’t get over that comeback.

7:38 – Next is a very interesting women’s fight. Two very new prospects but both look like they could be dangerous. Amanda Cooper vs. Cynthia Calvillo.

7:35 – The first part of Hunt’s body to hit the mat was his forehead. The second thing… was also his forehead after it bounced. That was scary looking.

7:34 – Overeem by KO at 1:44 of Round 3. Hunt took the knee directly to the face, and then fell directly on to his face. One now has to wonder what happens to Mark with the pending lawsuit. My guess, his next fight is in Bellator.

7:33 – You do not see guys fall over like that too often. It looked like a bear that had been tranquilized that finally just doesn’t have the strength to stand. What a win for Overeem.

7:32 – Two MONSTER knees in the clinch! And Hunt goes down like a tree. Thud! And this fight is over. Overeem with the comeback win.

7:31 – Round 3. Hunt looking for that walk off overhand right but it’s not there early. Overeem kind of just dodging him now. Crowd unhappy with Reem “running” away.

7:28 – In the clinch Overeem looked in control but Hunt hit him with a massive short elbow. Rocked Reem again, but he hangs on. Still in clinch Hunt rocks him another time, but Alistair survives it again. Hunt 20-18.

7:27 – There’s your huge Hunt right hand. Overeem rocked bad. Covers up against the fence but looks like he’ll survive it.

7:27 – Two hard knees by Overeem with Hunt’s back against the fence. Alistair looks much much better this round.

7:26 – Overeem going first a bit more here in the second as Hunt looks for that one massive shot.

7:25 – I gave that round to Hunt. Round 2 underway.

7:23 – Overeem just didn’t seem to want to throw much. Then the round comes to a close with Overeem covering up against the fence and Hunt taking two hard shots to him. There’s a huge gash on Hunt’s shin. Looks really gross. Crowd reacts like you would.

7:21 – Hunt with a kick then lands a hard shot that wobbles Reem.

7:20 – Hunt finally gets inside but can’t land anything good. Overeem seems ok to stay at distance. Hunt dives in again, slightly better that time, but still nothing too damaging.

7:18 – All kicks early, with Hunt landing harder.

7:16 – Overeem has an 8 inch reach advantage and is 6 years younger despite being 36. Still think Hunt catches him at some point.

7:14 – Remarkably quiet reception for Overeem. With the music he chose, it has a gladiator type feel to it with the crowd heavily favoring Hunt. Very weird feel to this.

7:13 – I really like Hunt in this fight. Hate to say it but The Reem just hasn’t looked the same since the drug testing came in. All I ask for this fight is that Overeem does NOT pop after it’s over. Hunt deserves a clean fighter for once in his life.

7:12 – Hunt +120 Overeem -140. Under 1.5 Rounds -110

7:10 – Mark Hunt vs. Alistair Overeem. Remember this, Mark Hunt is currently suing the UFC over their handling of the Bock Lesnar steroid situation. (He wants money for that) Very weird to see him on a card while that’s going on, but here we are.

7:06 – They could be promoting a battle between the Backstreet Boys and One Direction, but if they play the heartbeat followed by the Bring The Pain song to hype it up, I’d probably watch it.

6:59 – Now time for some main card PPV action. Also known as the part where everyone actually clicks on to this blog because they don’t want to pay the $59.

6:58 – Tybura by TKO 3:46 of Round 3.

6:56 – Tybura continues throwing bombs and Henrique tries to roll over, can’t and Dean stops the fight as Tybura continued landing killer shots. Marcin wins in what I’ll consider another come back winner.

6:54 – Herb Dean breaks them again, Tybura throws one hard kick, then we clinch again. He explodes for a takedown try, but winds up in a guillotine try from Henrique. Marcin slips free and takes his back with a body lock. Then transitions to the top. Tybura finally doing damage from the top.

6:53 – Marcin lands a nasty punch kick combo that hurts Luis, rushes in (why?) and now we are back to the classic Henrique clinch with Tybura’s back on the fence.

6:52 – I’ve got Luis up 2-0, but this fight is a bore so I kind of stopped caring. #KillingItOnTheBlogging

6:49 – Herb breaks them one more time. Tybura lands a nice front kick, but then Henrique grabs him again and we are clinching once again with Marcin’s back to the fence. Been this way for almost the whole 5 minutes of this round.

6:48 – Two more minutes of Luis leaning on him and Herb breaks em again. Henrique rushes right back in and puts his back against the fence again. This fight is BORING!

6:45 – Henrique locks him up again, and after some big guy hugging, gets him down, on top once again. That’s four takedowns by my count, but I’m also eating pizza and typing so that could be way off.

6:44 – After about a minute of top position, Luis gets up and then drags Marcin down. It’s a close round, but I’ll give it to Henrique. Not much punching at all that whole round.

6:42 – Henrique drags him to the ground twice. Then back to the feet Luis lands a kick but Tybura catches it, sweeps the leg and gets a takedown himself. Back and forth, kind of weird round.

6:41 – Finally Dean breaks em. Back to the center.

6:40 – Early clinch initiated by Henrique. Tybura doesn’t look like he likes his back against the fence but Luis doing well to hold him there.

6:39 – I’d swear Herb Dean has blue pants on. Why do I care what everyone looks like today?

6:38 – I’ll take Tybura by TKO rather early.

6:34 – Luis Henrique vs. Marcin Tybura now. Tybura’s last fight ended with one of the nastiest head kick KO’s you’ll ever see. Henrique +150 Tybura -170. This one shouldn’t go all three rounds.

6:29 – Charlize Theron is here. Oh for a selfie… but I’m about as far away in the arena as physically possible from her. Probably a good move by the T-Mobile Arena brass.

6:28 – Biggest dog on the card and he pulls of the Performance of the Night and likely the Fight of the Night. That was out of this world.

6:27 – Elkins by TKO 3:19 in Round 3. Wow.

6:26 – It’s going to take something outrageous in the next 9 months to take that off the Comeback of the Year pedestal.

6:25 – That is one of the most incredible comebacks I’ve ever seen in a fight. He was headed for a 30-26 loss on the cards, and instead he winds up with a TKO inside of 2 minutes to go. Are you kidding me? Crowd is absolutely loving it, chanting USA.

6:24 – Oh my goodness! Elkins hits him hard, then follows with a kick! And it’s over. Holy crap! Darrin Elkins just won that fight! No way!

6:23 – Elkins grabs his ankle and desperately tries for a submission, Bektic is back in control.

6:22 – Couple hard shots from Bektic, then shoots for a takedown that Elkins sprawls half across the mat. Bektic eventually finishes, and is back on top.

6:20 – Quick nut kick early in Round 3. Replay shows it may have missed. Pro-Elkins crowd upset. On we go.

6:18 – Few elbows from the bottom from Elkins. Much much closer round, but it’s still Bektic’s round. 20-17 after two on my card in the press box.

6:17 – Elkins grabs his neck, crowd roars, Bektic slips out and is now in dominant position once again.

6:16 – Elkins is not giving up, actually close in this round, but it just looks like in the end he’ll get out classed when it’s all said and done. Mirsad Bektic is a beast, get used to the name. (Hopefully not the hair.)

6:14 – After about two minutes of top position Elkins finally turns him and is landing some nice knees.

6:13 – Crowd reacts to NASTY cut on Elkins face. Here we go for round two. Bektic is up 10-8.

6:11 – Elkins dace is bloodied up to the point that it almost looks as bad as Bektic’s blue hair. Hair still worse at this moment, but we’ve got 11 minutes left in this fight.

6:10 – More dominance, now from a full mount position. Bektic is just much much better than Elkins and it’s showing in a big way. Elkins face is calling mercy, but his heart says, you’ve got this Darren. His heart is going to be wrong.

6:09 – Couple brutal elbows from half guard cut open Elkins. This is not going to be a good night for Darrin.

6:08 – Bektic has blue hair and yellow shorts. I hate it. Meanwhile, he’s dominating Elkins handily on the feet and then lands an easy takedown.

6:06 – Made it as Buffer picked up the mic. Almost like they waited for me. Thanks UFC. Bektic -700 Elkins +450 Bektic. Let’s go with the favorite.

5:53 – Time for pizza. Hopefully I don’t miss the next fight. Bektic vs. Elkins. RUN!!!

5:52 – 3:13 of Round 2. Sub by kneebar.

5:50 – There’s a reason Alcantara kept baiting him to the ground. Sanders like a mouse to the cheese took the bait and got nearly got his knee snapped off… slightly better outcome than what happens to the mouse.

5:48 – But wait! Iuri rolls him over and and hooks his knee. Sanders taps instantly! What a comeback for Iuri.

5:57 – Now a hard Sanders shot wobbles Iuri, tries for a bad takedown and Luke then hits another big shot. Nearly another illegal knee. Sanders in great shape.

5:46 – Now Luke ducking in and getting caught by a few Iuri lefts. Good start to the round for Iuri.

5:44 – Alcantara played up the damage that knee did (bet it hurt, but cmon man, aren’t you a UFC fighter). Then he stares Luke down at the end of the round. Did land one good shot before the bell sounded though. 9-9 after one due to the deduction.

5:43 – Horribly illegal knee by Sanders to a two handed, one knee grounded opponent. Goddard does indeed take a point. Correct call, big break for Iuri.

5:42 – Luke doing work in this round. Could actually be a 10-8. Strikes are about 70-5 and significant strikes are similar.

5:41 – Alcantara kind of baits him to the ground, Sanders obliges and takes his back, now laying the wood with right hands.

5:40 – Sanders is just peppering him with left hands coming in.

5:39 – Quick takedown try by Luke, Iuri rolls out, then Luke rolls on top, then they both get up. Fun.

5:33 – Luke Sanders vs. (15) Iuri Alcantara next. Sanders a slight -140 favorite. -160 to go the distance. Sanders’ man bun has been put in dreads for the fight. That is important. Believe me.

5:25 – 30-27 x3 Mark Godbeer.

5:22 – Our first combination of the third round comes at the 1:30 left mark. Godbeer hits him hard three times, but doesn’t have the energy to put him away. It’ll be enough to win the round and sweep the match, but this was less than thrilling to say the least. (Have a feeling that might be how we remember this card. UFC 209: Less than thrilling)

5:21 – Spitz’ corner urging him to come forward, he looks at them with this dead stare like “why don’t you come in here and do it.” (MMA Unified rules state they cannot. No tag team)

5:20 – Just what I expected to open the round. Very slow single punches from each that aren’t even close to finding a home.

5:18 – They tap gloves. then hug to start the round. Crowd approves. How sweet.

5:16 – A few more flurries from Godbeer, but we’ve hit the part of a heavyweight fight when neither has enough energy to hit the other guy hard enough to knock him down or out. It’s 20-18, and I’m not looking forward to five minutes of the slow paced fat guy action that we’ve got left.

5:15 About five hard shots has Spitz looking completely out of gas. Walking away from Godbeer with his hands down after every exchange. Godbeer on his way to a 20-18 lead.

5:13 – Hand of Godbeer hits him then stumbles into a clinch, Spitz takes him down, but doesn’t do a ton before Godbeer gets back up. One good knee from Spitz and they split.

5:12 – Spitz tries a single leg, Godbeer has none of it.

5:11 – Hardest two shots come late from Godbeer. He takes round one but nothing too convincing. Best punches from Spitz were a pair of stiff jabs. If Spitz wants to get going he’s got to act first, when he does, he’s finding a home, but it’s happening few and far between.

5:08 – Hard low kick stumbles Spitz. Hardest shot of the round.

5:05 – First minute is somewhat back and forth. Godbeer leading the action but Spitz doing well to counter.

5:04 – Spitz is 6’7″. Makes Godbeer at 6’4″ look short.

5:02 – Mark “The Hand Of” Godbeer. It looks good like that, but when the screen is just flashing the words “the hand of” as his nickname, it’s weird. For that reason alone, I’m taking Spitz by 1st round KO.

5:01 – New heavyweights are always fun, we need them badly (everyone in the top 10 is like 39 years or older). Godbeer lost his first UFC fight, this is Sptiz’ UFC debut.

4:59 – We are now on FS1 with the first fight being Mark Godbeer vs. Daniel Spitz. Godbeer -150. Under 1.5 rounds -155.

4:47 – That officially goes down as the first time I was way off on picking a fight. Get used to it, that’s pretty much how these things always go for me.

4:44 – Tyson Pedro TKO at 4:10 of the first round. Pedro now 6-0 in MMA, 2-0 in the UFC. First win was stopped at 4:07, this one 4:10, the man has a plan.

4:43 – Elbow, elbow, HARD elbow while on top, and this fight is over. Craig not happy with the stoppage, but Pedro was dominating on top. Tyson Pedro with a massive win and is now a can’t miss prospect at Light Heavyweight.

4:41 – Pedro hits him with a couple nice high knees, but Craig counters with some nasty dirty boxing. They separate and a straight right puts Craig down. Craig back up, another hard straight right before Craig shoots in, Pedro turns him and winds up on top. Tyson leads the round.

4:40 – Craig drags him down with his back to the fence, but Pedro bounces right back up. Lots of knees from both.

4:39 – Craig leading the dance early. Pushes Pedro’s back up against the fence, but Pedro turns it around.

4:37 – Craig is 29 years old, Pedro 25. Here we go with the fight.

4:35 – Tyson Pedro walks out to Sexual by Neiked. Has a huge smile on his face, dancing, and wearing a classic Australian safari hat. Another excellent prospect. Whoever wins this the UFC is going to throw some weight behind. This is a huge fight, should be a excellent one.

4:33 – Craig has a 100% finish rate in his MMA career including eight submissions in nine fights. Dude is a killer, very interesting prospect in a 205 pound division that needs em.

4:31 – Tyson Pedro vs. Paul Craig hype video playing now. Nearly a pick ’em fight. I like Craig by TKO. This fight should be a great one. 9-0 Craig, 5-0 Pedro.

4:30 – Morales gives Rogan a big hug and says, “Joe Rogan!!” Then his answer to the first question is, “Oh my God, I can’t believe I’m standing next to Joe Rogan in Las Vegas. Dreams do come true.” Little weird, his love for the Fear Factor guy.

4:29 – 29-28 Morales 29-28 Andre 29-28 Morales.

4:27 – I’ll go 29-28 Andre Southhamthat. But there’s no doubt this could be scored any which way. Wouldn’t shock me if it was 30-27 either way.

4:26 – Good handfighting from Andre, desperate attempts to grab the neck by Morales. Now Andre punching through the body triangle over his left shoulder to end the round. Jeez that’s a tough one to score.

4:24 – It’s not quite there but Andre needs to do some great defending if he’s going to make it the final two minutes. Morales was way down on the feet, but he’s taking the round back on Andre’s back.

4:23 – Andre landing shot after shot to the body, goes for a takedown, but it’s turned around. Morales now on his back landing some nice punches and trying to sink in a guillotine.

4:22 Morales comes out throwing some bombs, Andre is having none of it. Andre now working the body bad. Morales in big trouble here.

4:20 – Morales attempts what looked like a kimura but Andre transitions nicely and winds up with some nice shots on the ground. Excellent right hook to low kick combo to end the round from Andre. That one is definitely 10-9 Andre. I’ve got it 20-18.

4:19 – Morales goes for a single leg, winds up in a 50/50 position and Andre wins top position. Excellent scramble and Andre now in a good spot to take this round with some work on the ground.

4:17 – First takedown attempt of the fight is by Morales. He gets it… sorta. Does absolutely nothing as Andre was sitting against the fence. Is it a takedown? Yes. Should it count on the scoring? No.

4:14 – Morales with a nice flurry followed by a counter to end the round. Could be scored wither way, I’ll lean toward 10-9 Andre. Have I ever talked about how much I like the 9-9 scoring as an option? Cause I do, and that round is why. Round 2 underway.

4:13 – Three or four cancelled exchanges followed by a nice uppercut from Andre. He’s got the round at the moment but Albert could steal it.

4:12 – Andre with a nice combo, but Morales responds with a solid counter the next time in. Very tight round.

4:11 – Classic open to a 135 pound fight. Both guys throwing a lot but not landing. Getting used to each other’s speed.

4:09 – Buffer is on the mic, nice to see him back in there, the last card missed him.

4:08 – I like Morales a lot in this fight. Andre (his last name is too difficult, so I’m not even going to try) making his UFC debut against a guy who was just in there with a legit top of the light bantamweight in Almeida. Octagon jitters are real, and Morales should take advantage them early.

4:04 – Yeah! Fights. Morales on his way to the octagon now.

4:02 – There’s my heartbeat. Nothing screams UFC like the heartbeat. Here’s a YouTube video of it.

3:57 – Still waiting for some UFC heartbeat to get this thing going. Just your classic, pump you up, but not too much, music for the last 30 minutes.

3:41 – They have curatined off the entire “100 section” in the south end of the arena (below the Vegas mural for those who have been here). Probably 2,500 seats up there that are going unused. Not to mention the sections behind the corner arena UFC screens which are usually unsold as well.

3:24 PM – First fight of the night is set to start at 4PM due to the Ferguson/Khabib fight being pulled from the card. That fight is Albert Morales vs. Andre Soukhamthath. Andre is a newcomer to the UFC while Morales lost to Brazilian standout Thomas Almeida in his last bout.


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