This is Ken Boehlke of Usually Wrong on CBS Sports Radio 1140 checking in live from UFC 202 at T-Mobile Arena. It’s the highly anticipated rematch between Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz. I’ll be live from the press box covering the event from the first prelim to the post fight press conference. This page will be updated constantly until all the action is complete.

11:14 PM – And with that, the night is over. What a great one. Had a blast following it all, and hopefully you join me tomorrow morning at 8:00 on CBS Sports Radio 1140. I’ll have plenty to say about this amazing night. See ya!

11:12 PM – “Hey man, until next time, it’s all good,” what Diaz said to McGregor after the fight.

11:10 PM – “I don’t need to do nothing.” -Diaz says responding to a question about fighting someone other than Conor.

11:08 PM – I’ve gotta really give it up to Nate for coming out to this press conference. He’s playful and having a good time up there.

11:05 PM – Reporter asks how it feels to finally get what he deserves. Diaz responds saying, “it’s not enough.”

11:03 PM – “I wasn’t really pushing too hard for the takedown.” -Nate

11:02 PM – “I don’t think it’s a good business move for him to be taking any other fights.” -Diaz

11:01 PM – “He said he was going to come in and come forward, and put the same pressure, but he spread it out a little bit.” -Diaz

10:58 PM – “I didn’t think for a second I lost the fight.” -DiazIMG_3755

10:57 PM – Or now. Nate is here…and busted up bad.

10:55 PM – Conor has exited. Nate coming out in five minutes.

10:53 PM – “Right now I don’t know what’s next. There’s many things in the pipeline, so sit tight.” -McGregor

10:52 PM – “Doubt me now.” -McGregor

10:51 PM – “I just kept kicking him. I’m sure it set up some of the shots I hit him with later.” -McGregor

10:49 PM – “I just had to be patient. I anticpated him to be there for the full five rounds and he was.” -McGregor

10:47 PM – “I want to get my abs back. I don’t have abs at this weight. Sometimes I feel I’ve got a fat belly.” -McGregor

10:45 PM – “Boy is he one tough mother******.” -McGregor

10:45 PM – He says it’s his shin, not his foot and that his foot is not broken.

10:44 PM – Conor is here, on crutches.

10:36 PM – I’m still here. No fighters have surfaced yet. Have a feeling we aren’t going to see Conor as the reports of the broken foot appear to be accurate.

10:21 PM – Reports floating around out there that Conor broke his foot in the fight. Hopefully we can get that confirmed. Well really, hopefully it’s not accurate cause that would keep him our for a long while.

10:16 PM – I can’t imagine Conor would miss an opportunity to come out and talk to us, but he was hurt, bad.

10:13 PM – “Daniel is beyond that (Jon Jones). Daniel wants to fight me and I want to fight him. Jon can sit back and wait.” -Rumble

10:05 PM – Rumble says he wants to fight DC in New York at MSG. So far we are 2 for 2 with fighters in the tent asking to fight there. I have a feeling it’s going to be X for X when this thing is done with tonight.IMG_3749

10:04 PM – “I have so much respect for Conor. He proved he’s not all talk, he has a lot of heart.” -Rumble

10:03 PM – “It’s an honor to fight him (DC) again, I’m looking forward to it.” -Rumble

10:02 PM – “Not 13 seconds, but I knew I was going to knock him out eventually.” -Anthony “Rumble” Johnson

10:01 PM – No one has any more questions, Cowboy says, “I guess I’m out of here, it’s beer time.”

9:58 PM – “The King is back… (expletive).” -Cerrone says riddled with sarcasm.

9:57 PM – “I want to fight in New York real bad. What ever I’ve got to do to fight there, I’ll do it.” -Cerrone

9:55 PM – “I actually wanted a submission. Super pissed I let the triangle slip away.” -Cerrone

9:53 PM – Should I go back and fix the typos from during the main event? I was so amped, my fingers couldn’t keep up.

9:52 PM – “I had a rough day. Woke up with the worst headache I’ve ever had. Everything today was going wrong. Just a ****** up day.” -Donald CerroneIMG_3748

9:51 PM – Cowboy Cerrone is here.

9:49 PM – I’m in the tent. Little bit of a peculiar set up. Looks like each fighter will come out one at a time. We could be here for a while, but I’ve got no where to be, Usually Wrong with Ken Boehlke doesn’t begin until 8 AM tomorrow. (That’s called a plug. Listen to the show, it’ll make me happy, and I probably saved some of you $69.99.

9:34 PM – I’m heading down to the tent for post fight. Be back in about 25.

9:33 PM – McGregor limping really badly back to the locker room. Absolutely brilliant night. UFC 200 II.

9:31 PM – McGregor wants a rematch at 155 pounds. I can’t wait to see it.

9:30 PM – What a fight. Stupendous. Absoutely incredible. What a great fight.

9:30 PM – “Surprise surprise mother*******, the King is back!” -McGregor

9:29 PM – Judges rule it… 48-47 Conor. 47-47 and 48-47 Conor. McGregor wins.

9:27 PM – The two share a laugh, cool moment.

9:26 PM – First time in Conor’s career he’ll be unsure of the judges cards.

9:25 PM – Nate scored a last second takedown, may be enough for Round 5. I’ve got 3-2 Conor, but this will be very very interesting.

9:25 PM – Not much in the tank for either. Round could really have gone either way. What a great fight!

9:23 PM – Conor is obsessed with the clock. Keeps looking at it.

9:22 PM – There’s a middle finger from NAte as Conor retreats.

9:21 PM – Nate tries a takedown. NO! Wow.

9:20 PM – Conor kind of backs away, and the crowd boos. He comes back with a flying knee that’s blocked. Now another fight along the cage.

9:19 PM Crowd erupts before Round 5.

9:18 PM – Somehow, Conor wins the round rather easily. Nate now the one looking gassed. This is incredible. 5 minutes to go, my card says 3-1, but could easily be 2-2.

9:16 PM – Conor with a nice short elbow. Nate returns with one too! Conor now turns Nate against the cage.

9:15 PM Conor doing well early in Round 4. Winning clearly, now NAte has him pushed up against the cage, bad spot for Conor.

9:12 PM – Nate absolutely dominates the back end of Round 3. Conor is completely gassed, how is he going to survive the next two rounds? He may be up 20-19, but he’s got 10 more minutes to survive. Diaz in really good shape here.

9:10 PM – Two good lefts by Conor, but Nate hits him back. McGregor punches look a bit labored. Nate definitely looking more spry.

9:09 PM – Nate points at Conor and then they grab each other against the fence. Conor looks more gassed than Nate.

9:07 PM – Nate won the second half of the round for sure.

9:06 PM – What a round! Nate put Conor down as McGregor stumbled to the mat. Very tough round to call, both were knocked off their feet, Nate twice. Third round is going to be very interesting.

9:05 PM – Nate with a flurry.

9:04 PM – Action has slowed a bit but Conor still making Nate eat a lot of lefts.

9: 03PM – And again. Lets him up again.

9:02 PM – Conor puts him down again!

9:00 PM – Fantastic round for McGregor! Woah. Nate ate about 20 left hands to the chin. Conor went back to the kicks. Absolutely exactly what he wanted to do. Looked like he conserved energy too. 10-9 McGregor.

8:57 PM – First two big shots are from McGegor. Diaz down, but Conor lets him up.

8:56 PM – 4 kicks to start for Conor.

8:53 PM – Here we go. McGregor Diaz 2. This place is riduclously loud.

8:52 PM – It’s rare in McGregor fights, but the judges may actually come into play in this one.

8:51 PM – Anytime, any weight, anywhere. Well, that’s all right now. Let’s do this.

8:50 PM – It’s all about the kicks. If Conor comes out kicking, he can neutralize Diaz. If he wants to throw the haymaking left hands again, Diaz will do the same thing, clip him and then submit him. This is such a great fight.

8:48 PM – Certainly a split crowd. Plenty of cheers and boos for both guys. This place is going to be a lot of fun trying to get out of, no matter who wins.

8:47 PM – Little bit of swagger in the arms of McGregor when he got into the octagon. He’s ready. Now it’s time to bring in Nate.

8:45 PM – No patented smirk from McGregor. He’s all business tonight.

8:44 PM – Here comes Conor. Sinead O’Connor blaring.

8:42 PM – Hype video!!!

8:41 PM – That Will Go bet has completely switched. It was +145 at the beginning of the day, massive shift, likely from McGregor backers. I think it will go. My official pick is McGregor by TKO in the 4th. He’ll put Nate down with a kick and then finish him with punches.

8:40 PM – Odds check! McGregor -135 Diaz +115. Will Go 2.5 rounds -130 Won’t Go +110

8:37 PM – I’m not sure if he means it, but Conor has been calling this card UFC two hundred two. I hear it as UFC 200 II. Everything about this night has been better than UFC 200, and the main event has not even begun yet.

8:35 PM – Conor vs. Nate is next, let’s go!

8:33 PM – You have got to love Rumble. Says he doesn’t need the antics, he just comes out and “does the damn thing.” Then, calls out Cormier. Fans boo, he urges them to stop and says Daniel is a great champion. I know a lot of people find it weird, but there are a lot of fighters parents should be proud to have their kids look up to, Rumble Johnson is absolutely one.

8:32 PM – We are tyring to figure out if that is a tooth that went flying into the air. It was probably 10 feet in the air. If it was a tooth, that’s one of the craziest things ever. If it’s spit, then whatever.

8:31 PM – :13 seconds. Fitting that was the time in the co-main on a McGregor card.

8:30 PM – That’s one scary dude. He’s so clearly the top contender, but he’s got to find a way to get over Cormier and/or Jones.

8:29 PM – Probably should have listened to the guy in the press box. DO NOT STAND IN FRONT OF RUMBLE JOHNSON. I don’t care who you are, that’s a terrible idea.

8:28 PM – It’s a viscious right handed uppercut that puts Glover out instantly. My goodness.

8:27 PM – Ok. That was quick. Rumble KO’s him with his first clean shot.

8:25 PM – Oddly enough, it’s not too often you see the #1 and #2 contenders fight each other. We have it here.

8:23 PM – This should be a clear cut and dry title eliminator, but there’s this big Jon Jones motza ball hanging out there. If his suspension is lifted, it makes no difference who wins this fight, if it’s not, the winner here gets Cormier next.

8:22 PM – Well we aren’t wasting time tonight. Think McGregor and Diaz may be in there by 9:00 PM. Especially if this one ends quickly.

8:20 PM – Here they go again calling it a fight fans dream. I hope I’m wrong, I hope they do stand there and trade. I just can’t see a sane person going in there and doing it.

8:18 PM – Co-Main next. Anthony “Rumble” Johnson vs. Glover Teixeira. Everyone has been touting this as a banger, I’m not so sure. Think it would be foolish for Glover to stand with Rumble, he needs to try and get the fight to the mat, otherwise his forehead is going to hit the mat. There’s one way, and only one way to beat Rumble. Get him down, wear him out, and take away his power. If you don’t do that, you are going to sleep.

8:17 PM – Go see Hands of Stone. This Friday. (There’s a chance I’ve been brainwashed.)

8:15 PM – Cerrone asks for Eddie Alvarez for the 155 pound title at MSG. Would certainly be an intriquing fight, but it’s a bit of an odd path to a title for me. Dos Anjos beats Cowboy, Cowboy goes up to 170, wins twice, meanwhile Alvarez beats dos Anjos and takes the belt, now Cowboy is back? Nah, not for me.

8:14 PM – That was one of the prettiest combos you will ever see in MMA. I’m starting to think 170 fits Cowboy quite well.

8:13 PM – What a combination. Left jab, right hook to the body, left to the face, right leg kick! Woah.

8:12 PM – Oh my! This fight is over. Cowboy!!!

8:11 PM – Cerrone starts off the round throwing flurries again. Not a ton landing, but certainly more than Rick.

8:09 PM – Some big time combos from Cowboy in the last minute with a few punches landing. Think he stole the round but it really could be scored either way.

8:07 PM- And now they are standing and trading. What’s next?

8:06 PM – Story trips Cowboy, puts him on his back, but Cerrone launches into a flurry of submission attempts. Story fends them all off and now has the back of Cerrone. Wacky round.

8:05 PM – Story able to get up and pushes Cowboy against the fence.

8:04 PM – Cerrone slips an early punch, shoots, and grabs the double leg takedown, in control on top.

8:03 PM – That being said, Story has been a killer recently, so what the heck do I know?

8:02 PM – Little tighter line than I would have expected on this one. Cowboy -150 Story +120. With the impressive last two fights at 170, Cowboy looks like a good option here.

8:00 PM – For as often as Cowboy has made the walk he still comes out with this terrified look on his face. I know better than to doubt him, but you would think a guy with that love for fighting wouldn’t look that way.

7:58 PM – Cowboy Cerrone vs. Rick “The Horror” Story next. Fun fight, but Cerrone should win it.

7:55 PM – Yet another UFC at MSG in New York video with no fight announcements. Think they might be waiting to see what a specific 170/155/145 pound fiery Irishman is up to that day?

7:48 PM – We’ve got a new name in the Welterweight division, that was a striking clinic by Mike Perry.

7:47 PM – Lim manages to get up while eating a bundle of punches, lands one clean one on Perry but then gets dropped again. Gets back up, and gets dropped a third time! And now this fight is over. What an impressive showing by Perry.

7:46 PM – That one landed! Straight through the the blocking arms of Lim. Perry now all over Lim on top of him.

7:44 PM – Some wild combos from Perry, nothing in particular landing clean though.

7:41 PM – Lim is a pretty non-imposing person until he takes his shirt off. Dude is jacked.

7:39 PM – Certainly another interesting dog here. +230 is the going rate on Perry.

7:38 PM – Mike Perry vs. Hyun Gyu Lim is next. Lim has been out of the octagon for a long time, his last fight was in May 2015 and last win in September 2014. Perry is new to the UFC, but comes in with a sterling 6-0 record all by knockout.

7:29 PM – Gordon Ramsay shown on the big screen, thunderous applause. Skip Bayless shown, booed mercilessly.

7:27 PM – Yeah, I was way off on that one. Homasi did not belong in that fight, Means was worlds above him.

7:26 PM – And Herb Dean calls an end to it. Good stoppage, any time Means got close to Homasi it was going to end poorly for Sabah.

7:25 PM – Homasi getting picked apart now. Knees, elbows, punches, kicks, you name it Means is throwing and landing it. Homasi’s cut has opened back up. This one is not likely to make it through the third round. Still two to go in the second.

7:23 PM – Very enjoyable first round of action. Definitely a 10-9 for Means, but Homasi landed some nice shots in there. Gotta get that cut taken care of though, it’s leaking all over his face.

7:22 PM – Means lands a couple mean elbows. One cut up Homasi’s face real bad. Means is taking over the fight now.

7:20 PM – Means doing some work to the body of Homasi, now Homasi shoots a takedown that spans the entire octagon, gets it, but Means gets back up.

7:18 PM – Interesting first minute. Homasi comes out firing before Means knees him in a clinch, it looks like Homasi is falling to the ground but trips Means on the way down. Back to standing now.

7:15 PM – Snazzy little maroon (velvet?) suit coat for Buffer. He just said, “We are live,” so yeah, I guess we’re live now. Not sure what was going on for the last four hours, but whatever.

7:11 PM – Officially a UFC debut for Homasi, but it doesn’t feel that was as he competed on the Ulimate Fighter. Means has been around for a long time.

7:07 PM – First fight on the PPV is Sabah Homasi vs. Tim Means. Homasi a late addition to the card after Sean Strickland pulled out of the fight with Means. Homasi is a pretty large +340 dog but I think he may be worth a look here. Definitely like the over 1.5 rounds prop too.

7:04 PM – Have to say, the UFC Pay-Per-View intro is pretty solid too. Almost makes me want to go in there and fight. Then I realize that if I punched this computer, it would hurt me more than the computer. I’ll stay up here and watch.

6:52 PM – T-Mobile Arena playing hype videos. First for Conor, now for Nate. Crowd digging it during the down period before the PPV starts.

6:45 PM – We’ve got 15 minutes til the main card starts. 12 until the Teenage Wasteland (I know that’s not the name of the song but… you know the rest) video and the UFC heartbeat. If you aren’t aware of what those two things are, you need to get yourself to a UFC event in person.

6:43 PM – Rogan does it for him. Says Cruz is interested in fighting Garbrandt for the title. Camera shows Cruz up on the FOX set and the crowd goes wild. That’s a great fight if it happens. I think I’d lean toward Cody in that fight. Hitting Dom once would be a tall order, but if he did, I think Garbrandt’s power could put him down.

6:41 PM – Less than a minute. Cody thanking God early in the interview. Call out Dom! Do it!

6:39 PM – Give that man a shot at Dom. Cruz/Garbrandt, make it happen, no more feeding Cody should-be first round KO’s.

6:37 PM – AND IT’S OVER! This guy is a flat out monster. Garbrandt TKO within two minutes.

6:36 PM – The #8 next to Cody’s name is embarrassing. C’mon he should easily be top 5.

6:35 PM – I hate fights where one guy is supposed to win easily. Cause if he does it we are like “yeah, I know, you were supposed to do that,” and if we wins by decision we are disappointed. If he loses, all hell breaks loose on his career. Hate this. But looking forward to seeing Cody fight again.

6:33 PM – Huge ovation for Garbrandt as he comes out to We Will We Will Rock You. (I know that’s not the name of the song, but that’s a better way to discribe it than whatever crap they actually call that song)

6:30 PM – Future champ Cody Garbrandt coming up here. Gotta get through Mizugaki first. Tough spot for Cody in my opinion. Everyone expects an easy first round KO, weird things happen when that’s the expectation. Nonetheless, I’m going to pick a Garbrandt first round KO.

6:28 PM – Yeah. 30-27 x3. Pennington.

6:27 PM – Just waiting to make it official now. Pennington will win this at least 30-27.

6:22 PM – Raquel is just too much for Phillips. Now on her back looking to sink in a choke to end this thing. Has three minutes to get it done. My guess, we’re headed to a 30-27.

6:19 PM – Pennington in total control finally throws Phillips to the ground and wails on her with some GnP for about 25 seconds. 20-18 Rocky.

6:16 PM – Half hearted guillotine effort from Pennington, but she controlled the entire sequence, off to a good start in Round 2.

6:13 PM – Ok, I’m caught up. Not much happened until just a moment ago when Pennington picked Phillips up and slammed her on to the mat. Pennington wins Round 1 10-9.

6:11 PM – Sorry, had to go get food. Guy has to eat. I have no idea what’s going on in this fight between Elizabeth Phillips and Raquel Pennington. Let’s see if I can catch back up.

5:57 PM – “Watch McGregor stop him in the third round.” -Artem Lobov

5:56 PM – 30-27 x3 for Artem Lobov. Woah, there’s the Irish crowd! Huge response after the announcement.

5:53 PM – Lobov slips and Avila pounces on him, but after about 15 seconds on top, Avila lets Lobov back to his feet. Why? That was Avila’s only chance to win the fight. Instead it ends standing, and Artem should collect a 30-27 victory.

5:50 PM – Fight paused momentarily for a cut on Artem’s forehead, he says he was headbutted. Fight back on.

5:47 PM – Lobov actually gave Avila a bit of a Stockton Slap towards the end of the round. It set off a bunch of trash talk followed by a flurry of missed haymakers from both sides. Camera shows Avila’s leg on the big screen, it’s nasty looking. 20-18 Lobov for me.

5:44 PM – Much closer round here. Could go either way with two minutes to go.

5:40 PM – Artem wins Round 1 due to his kicks. Twice he hit Avila in the body and sent his back into the cage. Wonder if it’s more kicking or if Lobov unloads the power in his hands over the next five minutes.

5:38 PM – Lobov with kick after kick after kick. Wonder if this is a foreshadowing to Conor’s plan against Nate. Kicks are Diaz’s kyrptonite.

5:37 PM – First ole song of the night countered by a weak USA chant.

5:36 PM – Lobov lands first, nice uppercut.

5:34 PM – Avila’s mannerisms are identical to Nate Diaz as he waits for the fight to begin. Pacing back and forth, looking tough like only a Diaz brother can…even though he isn’t a Diaz brother. Very loud applause for him when Buffer says his name.

5:32 PM – More boos for Artem than there were for Avila. I’d say the crowd is pro-Diaz at this point. Lot can change in the next 3 hours though.

5:31 PM – Loudest cheer of the night so far goes to Chris Avila during his entrance. UFC did a good job giving the fans an easy fight to take sides with this one. Will be a good barrometer of how any fans will be on each side of the main event.

5:26 PM – Boy is it annoying when they are on regular TV. It takes forever to get from fight to fight. Ugh, I want to see fights!!!

5:21 PM – Much antipated fight next. Artem Lovov vs. Chris Avila. Lobov is a training partner with McGregor, Avila with Diaz.

5:18 PM – In a weightclass in which fights do not end in finsihes often, Casey has two really impressive ones in a row. Think she’s a long way off from Joanna, but she’s definitely one to watch.

5:16 PM – Markos works her way back on top but rolls right into an armbar. I said Casey had to watch out for it, instead it was Randa who had to stay away. Casey by armbar, this should put her in the top 15.

5:13 PM – For some reason Markso stopped wailing on the face of Casey when she had her down. Instead, she gives up position, Casey grabs her back and is making a comeback in the round. Casey in dominant position now.

5:11 PM – Nothing terribly significant early, until this nice takedown by Randa. Casey better watch out, Markos loves her some armbar.

5:09 PM – Casey is only three inches taller than the 5’4″ Markos, but it looks like she’s a foot taller. Maybe it’s just this seat. Maybe it’s Markos’ bright bright bright red hair. I’m not sure.

5:06 PM – Randa Markos walking out to an Adele song. Nothing screams “I’m gonna kick your ass,” like Adele’s Shake It Off.

5:02 PM – First female fight of the night is next, Courtney Casey vs. Randa Markos. Markos is much more well know, but I really like Casey in this fight. Especially at plus money.

4:44 PM – Moving to real TV (FS1) next. But not for another 15 minutes. So, in the words of Bruce Buffer until then, “do what you’ve gotta do.”

4:42 PM – Larkin’s shin is beat up because he hit Magny so many times with it. It’s literally dripping blood while he stands talking to Rogan.

4:40 PM – Magny grabs for a single leg and Larkin unloads a series of brutal elbows. Ref stops it. Huge win for The Monsoon

4:38 PM – Larkin is picking him part. Devastating kicks over and over. Magny in BIG trouble. Neil begging him to go to the ground.

4:37 PM – Viscious body kick by Larkin really hurt Magny. Fight continues though.

4:33 PM – Magny is starting to build up a little fan base, first based off activity (he fights all the time) and secondly off that insane win over Hector Lombard. He was down and out in the first round, and not only came back to win, but stopped Lombard early in the third. If this fight is anything like that one, we are in for a treat.

4:30 PM – I like Magny in this fight, but Larkin is the better bet based on the odds. He’s +125, this fight realyl should be closer to even.

4:27 PM – Next fight is a good one. The Fight Pass featured bout has been great recently, today is no different. Lorenz Larkin vs. Neil Magny.

4:22 PM – And just as I say that, the fight is stopped. Griffin just wasn’t defending himself anymore. Covington wins by TKO.

4:21 PM – You’ll never believe it but Covington gets an almost immedeate take down and now is ground and pounding Griffin. Fight may not make the whole 15.

4:18 PM – Right before the 10-second clappers, Griffin gets up, but not able to land anything before the horn.

4:17 PM – Covington completely dominating on the ground, has Griffin’s back now. It’s 20-18 for sure, wouldn’t be surprising if it were 20-17 on a card or two.

4:13 PM – Round 2, underway. Griffin stuffs a takedown, but gets stuck in the face with a beautiful left from Covington. Colby shoots another takedown, and has him down. Well on his way to winning this round as well.

4:10 PM – Griffin was able to reverse it, but then Covington advanced back into top position again. Colby winning this round thus far.

4:07 PM – We’ve got a scrap, Covington landed a moster switch kick, then Griffin hit him back real hard in an exchange. Colby now with the takedown.

4:02 PM – I was at Britney Spears last night (shut up) and I think I’m seeing more dancing from Max Griffin to this T.I. song on his way out than I did from Britney. He’s living it up.

4:01 PM – Yay! Fights! Griffin walking out now.

3:56 PM – Next fight is Max Griffin vs. Colby Covington. Covington is -400 in this fight, so it very well could be another early finish.

3:52 PM – And now we wait. Never understood why we wait so long to get these fights going when they are on Fight Pass.

3:45 PM – Vettori is clearly a newcomer here, he was looking for the exit while Joe Rogan was screaming at him to do an interview. C’mon man, get on that mic.

3:45 PM – 4:30 of the first round due to a “head and arm guillotine.” Impressive win for the 23-year-old.

3:44 PM – Just like that, Vettori gets a hold of Uda’s neck, cranks it in, and this fight is over.

3:42 PM – Uda scored the initial takedown, but Vettori was able to muscle his way back into top position, he’s been holding Uda down since. Not a lot going on.

3:36 PM – Uda’s intro music sounds like someone yelling at me in Portugese. Is this what rap music sounds like to people who don’t speak English?

3:33 PM – First fight is about to begin. Fighters being introduced now. Marvin Vettori vs. Alberto Uda.

3:30 PM – What’s up! I’m here, waiting for the first fight to get underway. Man I am pumped to see McGregor/Diaz 2 tonight!




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