It’s March, it’s time for the NCAA National Tournament, and it’s time for some madness.

The madness starts when it’s that time of year again in which sports fans must break out of their comfort zone of a predetermined list of just four or five sports networks they’d typically peruse when sitting down to watch TV. For CBS to accommodate one of the greatest sporting events of the year, in which multiple games air at one time, the network utilizes its affiliates.

Now to find all of the college basketball national tournament games, especially during the first two rounds March 17-20, one station, in particular, proves tricky to those who only use their television set for sports. That channel, of course, is TruTV.

Can’t find it on your provider? Don’t worry and don’t try to sift through your television package of channels that get into four digits, that’s a waste of your time and patience. We’ve prepared a neat list to find what channel TruTV will be playing in your market.


Dish Network: 242, 9430

Direct TV: 246, 1246

AT&T U-verse:  West: 164, 165. East: 1164, 1165

Verizon: 683 (all markets)


Atlanta: 858

Baltimore: 841

Boston: 902

Chicago: 320

Cleveland: 1220

Connecticut: 37, 182

Dallas / Fort Worth: 112

DC: 841

Denver: 771

Detroit: 247

Houston: 667

Las Vegas: 1164

Los Angeles: 1358

Miami: 398

Minnesota: 917

New York: 112

Philly: 841

Pittsburgh: 841

San Francisco: 748

Seattle: 705

St. Louis: 772

All information courtesy

Can’t find yours or don’t trust us? No matter, follow the following link and type in your zip code.



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