By Heidi Harris

Byron York, writing for the Washington Examiner, explained the GOP Establishment’s problem clearly.

‘In late January, the New Hampshire Republican Party held a gathering that attracted GOP officials, volunteers, activists, and various other members of the party elite from across the state. At the time, Donald Trump led the Republican presidential race in New Hampshire by nearly 20 points, and had been on top of the polls since July.

What was extraordinary about the gathering was that I talked to a lot of people there, politically active Republicans, and most of them told me they personally didn’t know anyone who supported Trump. Asked about the Trump lead, one very well-connected New Hampshire Republican told me, “I don’t see it. I don’t feel it. I don’t hear it, and I spend part of every day with Republican voters.”

How is it possible GOP operatives don’t know ANYONE who supports Trump?? I have plenty of very conservative friends who support him. I don’t consider Trump qualified to be Commander in Chief, but I am sympathetic to the frustration so many voters feel. They are tired of being lied to by politicians, and although Trump is doing the same thing by making vague claims and promises he cannot possibly keep, the voters are willing to listen. The song may be the same, but at least the band is different!

The GOP Establishment have themselves to blame for the rise of Trump. Like a neglectful spouse whose behavior makes their partner more likely to look around for options, the GOP “leaders” have taken us for granted for far too long, and now they’re paying the price. They OWN this, and they have no idea what to do.

Heidi Harris