By Ken Boehlke

The bar was set five months ago in July for the weigh in at UFC 189. Irish fans came out in droves that night and they did it once again this afternoon at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

Mostly in support of Conor McGregor, the arena was at max capacity. The crowd was boisterous, cheering for their guy while firing vicious boos at the man McGregor will face, Jose Aldo.

Both Aldo and McGregor weighed in at the target 145 pound weight, ensuring the the fight will take place tomorrow night.

Then it was time for the fighters to face off. UFC President Dana White had his hands full trying to keep McGregor and Aldo separated on the stage.

Odds had favored McGregor during nearly the entire lead-up to this fight, but the betting line has shifted heavily in favor of Aldo. What was at a time McGregor -150 is now all the way down to a straight pick at -110 on each side.

The fight being billed as the biggest in UFC history will take place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena Saturday night on Pay-Per-View. Closed Circuit viewing is also available at MGM Grand as well as many other properties in Las Vegas.