By Ken Boehlke

Florida Gators

Florida has not played terribly well since losing Will Grier, but they are lucky to have something most teams coming down the stretch don’t have, time. South Carolina and Florida Atlantic are next on the schedule before the big showdown with Florida State. If they knock off FSU, they head to the SEC Championship in Atlanta with a guaranteed win-and-in situation.

TCU Horned Frogs

That loss to Oklahoma State was not good. They were really outplayed, but there’s a strong chance that losing earlier might come back and save the Frogs. If everyone in the Big 12 takes a loss, which is possible, TCU could rise back up to the top of the class. The Big 12 could get left out again, but if they don’t, TCU still has a real shot of being the representative.

Oklahoma Sooners

I’m still not sure why people aren’t fully buying in on the Sooners. Since the terrible loss to Texas, they have dominated every opponent. Now they are faced with Baylor, TCU, and Oklahoma St. If they run the gauntlet, that Texas loss could look a lot like Ohio State’s loss to Virginia Tech last season. Yup, it happened, but this team is too good to leave out.

Houston Cougars

Personally, I don’t buy the Cougars as a viable option for the playoff, but undefeated will likely carry a lot of weight when all is said and done this year. Memphis, Connecticut, Navy, and a championship game are left. If they win them all, it’s going to be increasingly hard to keep ignoring them.


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