I have asked this question for years.  Why do Republicans willingly jump into the frying pan for the entertainment of the Democrat Party and the left-wing media?

Some people have told me that the Republicans need to be tested with a trial by fire.  That is, if they cannot stand the heat of liberal Democrat questions thrown at them in the primary debates what would it be like for them to face the tough questions in a general election debate with the Democrat opponent.  That is not how I see it.

What is happening is that the Republicans are allowing the Democrats to define the issues and frame them in such as way as they will have to be defensive.

In my view, the debate last night pitted 10 Republican candidates on stage against 3 or 4 panelists asking questions.  The debate was Republicans vs. the media.

Senator Ted Cruz helped lead the way in calling out the biased panel saying, “The questions that have been asked so far in this debate illustrate why the American people don’t trust the media. This is not a cage match.”  To which the audience erupted in affirmation.

The evening actually began with a question being directed at Donald Trump as to whether or not he was running a “comic book” campaign.  It went down hill from there.

Ben Carson was badgered and before he could answer, the audience, once again, erupted in a loud support for him and as a put down of the panel.

Several times the candidates tried to answer questions only to be interrupted by the panelists who seemed to count their interruption time as part of the candidate’s time allowance.

When the panel was questioned as to the apparently changing rules throughout the debate, the candidates were told that the panel decides on the rules…rules apparently made up on the whim of the panel.

Governor Chris Christie reminded the panel that they were being rude in the way they were asking questions and interrupting the candidates’ answers.

Yes, there were instances of candidates going after each other such as when Jeb Bush attacked Rubio on the votes he has missed in the Senate.

When moderator John Harwood brought up Huckabee’s strong religious convictions and asked him if he thinks Trump has the “moral authority” to be president and unite the country, Huckabee refused to take the bait, joking and saying he likes Trump. Trump piped up and said, “Just a nasty question.”

CNBC looked foolish.  But there was an active attempt to get the candidates to do battle with each other when CNN hosted the last Republican debate.  Liberal Democrats trying to get Republicans to cannibalize themselves.

It is time Republicans brought a halt to this deception.  Republicans choose the Republican Presidential nominee and we want to hear the distinction of the candidates positions posed by people who truly understand where Republicans are coming from and who truly care about the Republican point of view.  Republican panelists can be tough on the candidates but I believe they would exude a greater sense of fairness.

As it stands now, the liberal Democrat panelists who question the Republican candidates are doing nothing more than setting them up for ridicule and grinding them up as fodder for the Democrat Presidential nominee.  The time has come for that to stop.