By Ken Boehlke

When the UFC first announced the decision to give the next title shot against Ronda Rousey to Holly Holm, the MMA world was shocked. How can you not give the chance to Miesha Tate? How is Holm even qualified? There’s literally no chance Rousey loses.

All are understandable, but after taking a step back, and hearing some comments from UFC President Dana White, it may have actually been a good idea. Here are five reason why Miesha Tate was NOT given the next shot at Rousey.

Draw of the Unknown

Holly Holm represents something that’s very powerful in the fight game. People do not know what to expect from her. Therefore, the UFC can sell her background and her fights against relative nobody’s to sell her as a serious candidate to beat Rousey. As long as people think there’s a chance, as slight as it may be, they’ll buy the fight. Who is Holly Holm? No one knows, and that’s a good thing.

Targeting Non-UFC Fans

Tate/Rousey 3 makes perfect sense to anyone who actively watches UFC. Miesha is clearly the best option out there to take Rousey to the limit. But the UFC isn’t worried about those people tuning in to the fight, they know we’ll be there. It’s everyone else they care about. A third chance when the first two went the way they did doesn’t play well to the non-UFC diehard. Holm is something different, which is what people think they want.

Ends Tate’s Career

If Miesha lost to Ronda for a third time, there literally zero chance she gets a fourth shot. Therefore, she would essentially be sent to UFC purgatory where she would have to wait for Rousey to lose not once, but twice (obvious rematch), before Tate ever got another title shot. Miesha is still a star in the sport and she’s a pretty solid draw. Killing her career is just not good business.

Undefeated Aura

Holly Holm has never lost in MMA. That’s important… very important. Despite the fact that she’s never beaten anyone, and never even really looked great in the octagon. But that goose-egg at the end of her record looks a lot better than the five at the end of Tate’s. Holm will only be undefeated for so long, so the UFC had to give her a shot now, before that zero disappears forever.

Rousey Must Win

Let’s just face it, the UFC loves what Ronda Rousey is doing for the sport. They do not want it to end. So, they don’t want to put anyone in front of her that could actually beat her. Tate has a shot, long shot, but a shot. Holm has none. Rousey will win, and the train will keep on rolling. Just like the UFC wants.



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