Briana Myers, Program Director for Nevada Blind Children’s Foundation, understands the need for play to educate children. She is responsible for all program development and management of staff and volunteers helping blind children enjoy their childhood as well as become assimilated in a sighted world. Some the programs include summer camp, cooking, book time buddies and other sports related activities. The foundation is focused for children from kindergarten to the fifth grade with visual impairments. Services include sensory tutoring, recreation and support for the families.

(Photo Courtesy of Briana Myers)

(Photo Courtesy of Briana Myers)

Myers obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Recreation Administration with a minor in business administration from Humboldt State University and a Master’s of Science in Recreation Management from California State University-Northridge. With her education and background, Myers has worked for Boys and Girls Clubs, YMCA, Special Olympics and Girl Scouts.

“I have always loved to play and attend summer camps,” Myers said. “Then I found out I could do this for a profession and teach children while having fun. I love working with children with special needs taking my skill-set and giving these kids a special opportunity to learn while playing.” Myers incorporates team work, a sense of accomplishment and helping the children understand that they can fit into society and thrive.

While recreation is meant to be fun, Myers uses her education to teach children in a setting different from classroom. Being in management, Myers explained that obtaining her master’s degree “helped me in understanding the business side of programming. I can incorporate all aspects, not just developing programs or being a part of the administration. I now know the overview of what we are trying to accomplish with both the foundation as well as the children and families we served.”

In graduate school, she was able to network with a variety of people and gain knowledge from different points of view. According to Myers, recreation is important element of education for both children and adults. When learning is fun, children respond including those with special needs. Myers finds her career very fulfilling and has discovered great satisfaction as she watches the children at the foundation play.

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