Justin Schmiedel, Administrative Director for the Cleveland Clinic Nevada at Cleveland Clinic, manages overall operations, including budgets, future business development, physician and non-staff productivity, Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health facility, Cleveland Clinic Las Vegas urology practice (Sunrise Hospital) marketing, government relations, other facilities and funding.

(Photo Courtesy of Justin Schmiedel)

(Photo Courtesy of Justin Schmiedel)

The clinic focuses on treatment of neurological disorders including Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s and Parkinson’s diseases, multiple sclerosis and memory disorders. Supportive services are also offered for family members of patients.

“I have an uncle whom I very close with who has been a mentor who has been a healthcare executive for over 25 years,” Schmiedel explained. “I always had an interest in healthcare as I was growing up and spending time with him.”

After earning his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Union College in New York, Schmiedel wanted a career in business but also something that was meaningful to him. “I thought, ‘What was more meaningful than helping people?’ and that is exactly what healthcare is. I could still have a career in business with something for the greater good.”

Schmiedel attended graduate school after earning his undergraduate degree and obtained his M.B.A. in healthcare management from Union Graduate College in New York. He was also selected for a one year project-based administrative fellowship.

According to Schmiedel, “Everyone is getting a bachelor’s degree as the minimum requirement for most jobs in management. Having a master’s degree gives you a differentiator in the work force. For me, what I got was a fantastic foundation with learning basic management principles, how to work within team settings, organization structure that when you go into the work force, you have the foundation for practical application. There many things I learned in graduate school that connected for me when I went into the workforce.”

Schmiedel encourages others to consider a career in healthcare administration. “It is a very exciting field at this time. There is so much opportunity and it is always going to be a need. There is a huge focus on shifting from volume to value. That is going to take leaders in the field with a knowledge base and skill set. I believe the need will grow for innovative administrators in healthcare with the changes coming. Strong educated leaders are going to be needed.”

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