Earlier this week, I linked to an article in New York Magazine in with the author revealed that in letting his wife have sex with other men affirmed his feminist cred.
Here’s a link in case you missed it.
Rush picked up on the article, and read parts of it on-air. And as I listened, I began to wonder if this tale wasn’t a scam, a parody. The mere fact that a Manhattan “metro-sexual” would be listening to Loretta Lynn while his wife was bedding Paulo struck me as unlikely.
So, I’m not sure that this account is for real.
And that’s one of the challenges of the modern world. It’s hard to distinguish parody from reality.
Just like this article.
Again, I can’t tell if this guy isn’t putting us on.
Which is why, though the following is entirely plausible, seeing as it comes from the same grandma who suggested we all get away from our increasingly politicized day-to-day lives by taking a few days to decompress at “Fun Camps”, I still have doubts about the veracity of the whole idea.
The lack of other sources makes me a bit reluctant to believe the birth of a “Caring Corps”, but it just might be true.
I’ll keep you posted.