San Antonio woman talks with KXNT about her experience

( San Antonio, TX ) – What started as a night out to see Steve Martin and Martin Short turned into a viral video moment for a San Antonio woman.

When David Letterman surprised the audience by walking out on stage to a huge roar, Jeanie Engler pulled out her cell phone and started recording.

As of early Monday morning her YouTube video had nearly 1.5 million views after being linked in numerous online articles about Letterman’s “un-retirement.”

It’s been a whirlwind 48-hours for 33-year-old Jeanie Engler who tells KXNT she first posted the video to YouTube because she thought it might be too long for her Facebook page.

Shortly afterward she says a link to the video showed up on Rolling Stone magazine’s web page – with no credit to her – and that it quickly spiraled from there.

She says it’s been a lot of work keeping up with the emails and comments on the video, but that she’s glad she could share the moment with David Letterman fans everywhere.

Watch the video by clicking here.


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