Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! Check out some of the classic movies where dad played a major role!

Mr. Mom

When Jack loses his job as an engineer in an auto manufacturing plant and cannot find a new job, his wife is sent out to become the breadwinner. Mom begins to work at an advertising agency, going on trips and working late, while Jack becomes Mr. Mom. Jack’s duties include cleaning the house, taking care of the kids and going food shopping. Can Jack survive this new position as Mr. Mom?




Bryan Mills is a retired CIA operative worker with no money and a very particular set of skills. He is over protective of his daughter Kim and worries about her safety after being taken by sex traffickers. Bryan travels to Paris to find his daughter, but realizes he must kill many men before getting her back safely.



Mrs. Doubtfire

The quote, “By any means necessary,” was taken very seriously by Daniel Hillard. After going through a terrible divorce and scheduled visits to see his kids, Daniel must find a way to see them every day. After his ex-wife puts out an ad in the paper for a housekeeper, Daniel decides to apply. He is hired as the nanny, a woman named Mrs. Doubtfire. How long can Daniel keep up this new acting job?



Father of the Bride

George Banks is finding it hard to let go of his daughter after she comes back and tells the family she is engaged. George tries to find everything and anything wrong with the man his daughter has fallen in love with. As they plan the wedding, George realizes he isn’t just losing money, but the relationship with his baby girl. George begins to understand he must let go and does everything to put a smile on his daughter’s face for her special day.



The Lion King

Simba is the prince and is born to rule when his father passes away. His Uncle Scar has plans to take the throne and puts his nephew in danger during a stampede. Simba’s father Mufasa comes to rescue his son and as he hangs from a cliff, his brother Scar doesn’t save him. Simba believes he was the cause of his father’s death and leaves the kingdom. Scar takes over and Simba comes back years later to rescue his family and friends from Scar’s rule.



The Pursuit of Happyness

Based upon a true story of a man named Chris Gardner — a struggling salesman who has full custody of his young son. After not being able to sell, losing his car and apartment, Chis seeks a better life for him and his child. He wants to work in the stock market and begins to compete against others to enter into an internship program. Is there a light at the end of the tunnel for Chris and his son?




This movie follows the story of the Buckman family. Gil has three kids, a wife, and family filled with a funny grandmother, estranged brother and some other siblings dealing with their own situations. Gil tries his best to keep everyone together and be the best father he can be, but when life throws you a lot of lemons, sometimes you just want to throw them back. Under all the pressure in the world to be a great son and to make sure his kids don’t fall off track, Gil takes on his crazy life one day at a time with a smile.


Finding Nemo

After swimming close to the top of the water and captured by a fisherman, Nemo’s father Marlin sets out to find his son in the Great Barrier Reef. Marlin, with every fear in the world, takes on the ocean one piece at a time with a fish named Dory that is dealing with short-term memory problems. As the word is spreading that Marlin is looking for his son, he comes in contact with a pelican that has located Nemo in a dentist office fish tank in Sydney.



John Q

What would you do to get your dying son a heart transplant? John’s son passes out at a little league baseball game and after selling his car and items in his home, he is left with no choice but to get his son on the donor list. John holds the emergency room hostage until doctors are forced to agree to operate. Although John is committing this crime, he will do anything to see his son survive and possibly pay the ultimate sacrifice for it.



The Karate Kid

Mr. Miyagi might not have been a paternal father to Daniel, but he was one of the biggest male influences he had in his life. After Daniel becomes the new kid in class and gets beat up, he just can’t take it anymore. Mr. Miyagi showed Daniel how to fight and taught him lessons in life he shall never forget.