Happy Mother’s Day to all!  Enjoy your day by relaxing and watching some movies all about moms.



She’s a sweet, suburban, and devoted woman, but don’t mess with her family. Beverly is a stay-at-home mom that tends to her family’s every want and need. However, after her neighbor litters, her daughter is stood up and her son deals with a mean customer, she takes matters into her own hands. Is this mom a killer?



A mother doesn’t understand her daughter and a daughter doesn’t understand her mother. What happens when they switch bodies and places? It becomes a really freaky Friday. They find out just what it’s like in the other person’s shoes.



Two kids, a dog and an ex-wife that could care less about her leads to an experience she wasn’t ready for. Isabelle goes above and beyond for her boyfriend’s kids, but for the ex-wife it isn’t good enough. Over time there are arguments, tears of sadness and moments of joy. Can these two women share one family?



Family is built upon a recipe — you add the ingredients of aunts, uncles, cousins, fathers, and most importantly the mothers. In “Soul Food,” “Big Momma” is the glue that holds them together through thick and thin. When she passes away, what’s left to keep this family together? The recipe of getting the ingredients together for Sunday dinner.



Adele will do anything to help her daughter, even if that’s taking her out of a small city for a bigger one with opportunities. Ann feels misunderstood, unhappy, and at some moments believes her mom just wants to ruin her life. It’s not until Ann finishes her countdown to leaving for college when she realizes just how big of a bond she shares with her mom.



Flore doesn’t speak English, will sacrifice everything for her daughter and works for a family that has more than a couple of issues. Flore begins to learn the language with the help of her daughter Christina and books on tape. She never judged the family for the constant cheating of the woman she worked for or the grandmother that drank before noon. Flore’s greatest translation was of the love she shared with the family and experiences Christina had with American culture.



Based on a true story in 1964 about a father that takes his family to Iran to visit family, but never leaves, “Not Without My Daughter” is a tear-jerker. Through the movie her husband makes them adapt to the Iranian culture. She fears for her life as her husband becomes abusive, and decides even if it means her death, she will get herself and her daughter out of the country.



Two kids want to know the truth about who their biological father is. Through this movie the children want to get to know him without hurting the feelings of their mothers. The moms’ marriage is disrupted as one decides to cheat on the other. Can this family work through their problems?



This movie follows several different women in a family. They go through happy and sad times, marriages, babies and sickness. Through it all these ladies stick together and form the greatest bond and realize things are so much better when you have people that surround you with love.



How much love can you give a child that isn’t yours? Based upon a true story of an NFL player that didn’t have a real place to call home, a woman finds it in her heart to take care of him. She helps him learn grow and become the man he never thought he could, but the entire time he really was changing her. Blood couldn’t make them any closer than they were.