By Ken Boehlke

Keep Boxing Alive

The sport of boxing is on it’s very last legs. When all was said and done Saturday night, many declared the sport as effectively dead. The final two remaining prize fighters had squared off, and the fight didn’t offer too much. But with the sudden emergency of the Pacquiao injury, and the possibility of a rematch, the sport may live on for one more year.

End The Injury Excuse

Floyd Mayweather was so much better on Saturday that the argument as to who was the better fighter appeared to be over. Then the news of Manny’s shoulder broke, and just like that, the questions arose. Can Pacquiao win if he’s fully healthy? Would it be a different fight? How badly was he actually hurt? We’ll only have answers if they fight again.


Floyd said he’s planning on fighting again in September. Odds are no matter who he choses to fight, he’ll defeat that person. Thus, he’ll become 49-0 in his professional career. A rematch with Pacquiao would set up a possible 50th win breaking the record of Rocky Marciano.

You Might Get To Go

The “Fight of the Century” was essentially impossible for any normal human being to attend. Only 500 (so they claimed) tickets were available to the public, and they sold out within a minute. A rematch will certainly not be met with quite the same hype, therefore, there’s a chance a few tickets might be available to us common folk. It’s still going to be tough, but at least we’ve got a shoBet Floyd Again

Like it or not, Floyd Mayweather is the better fighter at this point in his career. However, the public loves Pacquiao, and even more, they love to bet against the villain that is Mayweather. The odds will probably be a little worse than this time, but once again, people will pound Manny at the window, and the smart gamblers among us will once against collect (easily) on Floyd.


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