Unless you are a Vegas mega-whale odds are you don’t have a ticket to the big fight on Saturday. Don’t fret, we’ve got five even better (not really, but let’s go with it) places to watch the fight.

Moorea Beach Club, Mandalay Bay

It’ll only cost you $595 per person to hang on at Mandalay Bay’s topless beach club for the fight. It comes with an open bar for the entire night though.

Ka Theatre, MGM Grand

The massive theatre that normally holds a Cirque Du Soleil show will be be open for closed circuit viewing of the big fight. Sorry, the performers from Ka will NOT be present.

Ironwood Ballroom, Aria

Probably the classiest of the joints to watch the fight.

Jabba Theatre, Luxor

The home of the Jabbawokeez is a nice little theatre that will not have a bad seat. Have a feeling this might be one of the rowdiest venues to watch.

Crush Retaurant, MGM Grand

Billy DeMarco’s communal eating restaurant will be open at the perfectly affordable cost of $1,000 per person. You will be served a five course meal with top shelf liquor and an on-site sommelier, so it’s pretty much worth it.

Ballroom, Circus Circus

Is there really a better place to be a part of the circus than at Circus Circus? Yes. Yes there is. Any of the ones above in fact.


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