Las Vegas native Greg McCurdy began his career as a police officer and became assistant sheriff before accepting the position of vice president of corporate security at SLS Las Vegas. With a reported 41 million visitors coming to Southern Nevada in 2014, security at any Las Vegas resort requires trained and experienced individuals.

(Photo Courtesy of Greg McCurdy)

(Photo Courtesy of Greg McCurdy)

McCurdy obtained his Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication/Media Studies from University of Nevada, Las Vegas and continued his education at Harvard University for National Preparedness Leadership Initiative Program and Harvard University Executive Education as Senior Executives in State and Local Government Program. He also graduated from the FBI National Academy Class 197.

“I was with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department for 30 years and worked on many assignments,” McCurdy explained. “With my education, I was selected as the first public information officer who had sole responsibility of ensuring our police department was properly represented in the media and the community. I was very fortunate to hold that position.”

As McCurdy contemplated retirement from the police force, “working in the hotel and casino environment as a security and surveillance leader would be a natural transition as well as understanding the significance of gaming in the financial strength of Nevada.”

McCurdy opened SLS Las Vegas and developed its security policies and procedures, surveillance policies and procedures and nightlife policies and procedures. Any product ordered for security from pencils to bullets is determined by the security department. “We wanted to insure that we could offer a very safe and enjoyable environment in the hotel and casino for both locals and tourists.”

According to McCurdy, his advanced degrees have helped him in critical thinking, writing ability, analyzing, forecasting and envision, “where you need to go and how do you get there as well as understanding the importance of the communication process. I am able to articulate what that vision is and to establish goals and objectives so that staff members understand and can follow successfully.”

McCurdy subscribes to the saying, “Knowledge is power but more importantly, the more education you seek, the better you understand, issues and circumstances.”

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