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Carlos & Dayna are living the dream.  How many times do you get to shave your bosses head…clean bald?   My name is Cat Thomas.  I have been an on air personality with CBS and am currently the Program Director for NewsRadio 100.5 KXNT.   The following is my personal story with Cancer and how Carlos & Dayna are helping me raise money to help kids with cancer.   I hate this disease.  My personal fight with cancer started at age two. That is when my mother was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. She died when I was four.  In 2011, my sister lost her battle with cancer.  It’s always tough when these things happen to you.  However it’s even more devastating when it happens to a young child.  To see the terror in their face because they don’t understand why or what is happening to them.  To watch a mother or father as they feel helpless and at times, hopeless.  You can see the look on their face when they are out of the sight of their stricken child.  The deflation after having to hold it together to be strong for their kid.  As a parent, this is what kills me the most.  This year as I chose a child to honor by shaving my head, Jillie, my little girl who is always cheerful with a smile on her face saw the picture of the little girl on my page.  She said, “Hey, that is Emily!”  As we began to talk, she asked why I was putting Emily on my St. Baldrick’s page.  Emily was the little girl who fell down at school one day.  I remember the parents at school talking about it last year.  That is when I told Jillie that Emily, our neighbor, was also the little girl who died in November from Cancer at age 9.  After she fell down a couple times at school, her parents took her to the doctor to find out what was wrong.  She was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  Imagine going from diagnosis to death in one year.  I watched as Jillie’s face went blank and her eyes teared up.  All she could do was hug me.  At that moment, I realized how lucky I am to be able to hold my little girl and how many will never be able to do that again.  I watched this knowing that my little girl would never be the same.  A small piece of innocence left her that day but it was replaced with something much, much greater, a sense of cause and empathy for another.   As we cried, I knew that this was now not only personal for me but for her as well.  There is also the story about Jackson and my son that made me start this trek with St. Baldrick’s. That story is here:   When you realize the pain that families go through and the battle that these young kids fight every day, it brings tears to my eyes.  This 240 pound man is reduced to a babbling, crying mess….Yes I’m a softy!   It really puts things in perspective.  When you think about how bad your day is, keep these kids in mind.  Yep…my problems are minor.  Since St. Baldrick’s started, the 10 year survival rate for kids with cancer has gone from 20% to over 60%!  So often we forget our blessings until we sit down and really reflect on them. So I’m asking you to share this story.  If you feel so inclined, make a donation. I’ll take $5, $10, $100 whatever but sharing the story of St. Baldrick’s and helping these kids is most important.  It is all going to help kids with cancer…and that’s good enough for me!   If you wish to make a donation, just click here:   You can Carlos, Dayna, me and our CBS Bald Mafia team as we shave our heads this Saturday, March 7th at 6pm at McMullan’s Irish Pub on W. Tropicana.  Come join us and support the kids.   Thank you!



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