By Ken Boehlke

Pay Per View/Gate

The fight is widely expected to be the richest in boxing history. The pay-per-view price is likely to be priced at least $90 and a high definition feed will be even higher. The all time record gate for a boxing fight is about $20 million. Projections claim this fight could double those numbers.

Ringside Seats

According to Pacquiao’s promoter Bob Arum, only those with $250,000 gambling credit lines will be able to sit ringside for the fight. There are also rumors that seats will never become available for public sale due to demand. Guess you’ll have to just get them on the secondary market.


Many people wanted to see this fight as far as a decade ago, but the negotiations started legitamately heating up in 2009. It took FIVE YEARS to finally come to an agreement.

Hotel Room Prices Soar

Initial reports were that the MGM Grand sold out in three minutes after the announcement. That is since been debunked, however prices for hotel rooms on the Strip have gone crazy. Even some of the cheapest hotels have jacked up their prices. Want to stay at Excalibur on May 2nd? Well it’ll cost you almost $400. (It’s normally about $150)

Early Betting (6:1 or more on Manny)

The betting line was rather lopsided when it was initially released, and it’s holding there despite the early betting. One sportsbook director claimed that “at least” 80% of the bets thus far have been on the underdog. It’s believed that big bettors are trying to move the line so they can place massive bets on Mayweather just before the fight.

Mayweather offers Amir Khan a Ticket

Amir Khan came out quickly after the announcement of the big fight saying that he thought the fight would be boring. Floyd didn’t take well to this comment and decided to offer Khan a ticket to the fight. We’ll have to wait and see if Khan accepts.


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