By Shawn Thomas

SALT LAKE CITY (CBS Las Vegas) — A Utah woman has proven that catching the bouquet at a wedding doesn’t necessarily mean you will be the next one getting married.

If that were the case, Salt Lake City resident Jamie Jackson would have been married 46 times already after catching the bouquet at 46 different weddings, KSL reports.

Jackson, a former event planner, has attended around 80 to 100 weddings over the past few years and has managed to catch the bouquet a total of 46 times at many of those weddings.

Jackson, who gets invited to multiple weddings a year because of her family’s connections, has called the catching of bouquets “her sport,” and even has a strategy for how she does it.

“It is something that you have to plan for and you have to be very strategic where you place yourself,” Jackson said. “My strategy is to be right up in the front because a lot of times the brides don’t know how far they are going to throw it. A lot of times it will hit a ceiling, it’ll hit a chandelier… I’ve had many, many catches where I’ve had to jump for it. And I’ve hit little kids by accident.”

Her strategy and position have worked well, earning her the high number of bouquets caught, and now she’s applying to have that number become a Guinness World Record.

“Back in 2004, this girl Stephanie out of Pennsylvania, she made it an official record and she had 11,” Jackson said. “And I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, I have 35.’ I was like, ‘I have to break this record.’ ”

In order to officially break that record, Jackson had to track down every bride whose bouquet she caught to in order to obtain official documentation as well as photos.

It seems the glass cabinet that displays all of the bouquets she’s caught with labels of each wedding and year isn’t enough.

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