Jan Morgan, the owner of Gun Cave Indoor Firing Range in Hot Springs, Arkansas, does not allow Muslims to fire guns inside of her range.

Morgan says the range is actually a private club and therefore she is legally allowed to turn away business from whomever she wishes.

In the mind of Morgan, keeping Muslims out of the firing range is a matter of public safety.

Morgan joined Newsradio 100.5 KXNT’s Jim Villanucci to discuss her controversial policy.

“I think that the CAIR and the ACLU are very interested in getting the justice department to me shut down. They’ve written letters to the justice department requesting that Eric Holder and his people do something about me [but] nothing has been done to this point,” says Morgan.

“I don’t expect that there will be a lawsuit because they don’t have a case.”

The message has apparently been heard loud and clear.

“I have not had a single person approach me who said they are Muslim that wants to shoot at this range.”

Morgan says she’s been warned by the FBI that she is likely a target of ISIS.

Nonetheless, she’s standing strong and claims she will continue to refuse Muslims from firing at her “private club.”

The complete interview with Pam Morgan on the Jim Villanucci Show can be heard below.


The Jim Villanucci Show airs every weekday from 3-6 PM on Newsradio 100.5 KXNT.

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