LAS VEGAS, NV— The Rogers Foundation announcing it’s inaugural scholarships.

The Rogers Foundation established by the estate of former Channel 3 television owner Jim Rogers is created as a non-profit organization to support the artistic and academic achievements of students in Southern Nevada.

Wednesday presenting college scholarships to the 25 students in Dr. Sharon Vuich’s third grade class at Reynaldo Martinez Elementary School in North Las Vegas.

Those students who graduate from high school and meet certain other requirements will have their tuition paid for at a trade school, college, or university of their choice in Nevada.

The Foundation also announced it would award the first annual Rogers’ Gift of Imagination to an arts or music program in Southern Nevada, its Gift of Innovation to a K-12 institution in the math, science and technology fields, and its Gift of Knowledge to a K-12 institution in Southern Nevada.

Awarded annually, the amount of each award is up to $100,000.






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